Abisme AT-99

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

A simple mine that is placed under terrain and fitted with a pressure-sensitive plate to detonate under the weight of heavy vehicles. Mines are visible to friendlies and enemies on foot. Mines deactivate after 48 in-game days.
In-game description

The Abisme AT-99 (also known as an AT Mine) is a deployable Explosive Charge that serves as an Anti-Tank Mine.


it is deployed on the ground in 4 seconds and only detonates on contact with the following armored vehicles, enemy or friendly: Armoured Car, Tankette, Landing APC, Half-track, and Tanks.

Its explosion deals 850 Anti-Tank Explosive damage. It cannot be deflected by Tank Armor and always disables the tracks subsystem.

It can be dismantled by crouching and using a Wrench, or destroyed using a Hydra's Whisper.

A deployed mine despawns after 48 hours if it isn't triggered.


Deployed mines are visible to all soldiers on foot. Vehicle crewmembers and passengers can see friendly mines as well as enemy mines placed on roads, but enemy mines placed offroad are invisible to them. So it is advisable to have someone on foot scouting for mines if moving into a new area. They aren't concealed by the night's obscurity or when placed in bushes (will show colored outline).


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Factory (Utility) 100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png
10 x  Explosive Materials Explosive Materials.png
Crate of 10 x  Abisme AT-99 Land Mine.png 00:03:20


In order to deploy the charge, the player must:

  1. Equip it from your inventory - press 3
  2. Deploy it at the desired location - press LMB

This will begin the deployment animation, which will place the explosive after the animation is finished.

It can't be placed on rocks, inside or on top of structures, or less than 60m from a Region border. It can't be less than 1 meter from another mine.


  • If multiple players deploy mines at the same time it is possible to place some mines very close together, bypassing their distance restriction
  • A couple vehicles (Landing APCs, Silverhand Lordscar - Mk. X) have open-top seats close enough to the ground that a mine can occasionally kill the crew or passengers
  • The Abisme appears to be visually similar to the German Tellermine 42, taking inspiration from its fuse, carry handle and overall shape.[1]
  • Possibly due to a bug, there is a small chance for the detonation of a mine to not affect the vehicle triggering it