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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Used by medics to revive wounded soldiers.
In-game description

The Trauma Kit is a medical item used to revive wounded players on the ground by consuming Blood Plasma.



It is equipped in the player's primary equipment slot.

It holds one charge and each revive attempt consumes one.

The reviving process lasts 3 seconds, immobilizing the Medic, and cannot be canceled. The revived player automatically stands up, taking 1 second before they can move. Their health is set to 20% which means they must be treated with a First Aid Kit in order to be fully healed.

When out of charge it automatically replenishes its charge by consuming one Blood Plasma from the player's inventory. This process occurs during a revive attempt or when the kit is equipped.


In order to use the Trauma Kit:

  1. Put the Trauma Kit in your primary equipment slot
  2. Equip the Trauma Kit into you hand - press 1
  3. Check that the Trauma Kit has one charge or that you have at least one Blood Plasma in your inventory
  4. Press LMB near a wounded soldier to start reviving them (immobilizes you for 3s and can't be canceled).


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Factory (Medical) 80 x  Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png Crate of 10 x  Trauma Kit TraumaKitItemIcon.png 00:00:50


Trauma Kit does not stack in inventories (1 per slot) except in the inventory of Ambulances (stacks of 100 per slot).

It can be stored in Base stockpiles.

Trauma Kit crates can be stored in the stockpile of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Storage Ship. They can be submitted to any stockpile that accept Trauma Kit to transfer their content into it.

The weight of Trauma Kit is reduced by 25% when wearing a Medic Uniform.


  • The reviving timer does not stack with other medics, so you only need one Medic to revive one player
  • If a soldier dies while you are reviving them, the Trauma Kit will still use up the Blood Plasma
  • Enemy soldiers can be revived
  • Reviving a player gives XP to rank up.
  • Reviving ten soldiers awards you one Commend.
  • Despite following infantry vision mechanics, the Trauma Kit's model can be seen on the ground during the reviving animation even when out of line of sight


  • Foxhole medical equipment have Green Cross, unlike their real life counterparts which use Red Cross (and other IFRC symbols)