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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Resource Mines are a type of logistical structures that automatically gather one type of resource. Most Resource Mines require fuel, however some of them do not need them, but can have upgrades attached to them to require power.

List of Facility Mines MineIcon.png

Facility Mines are player-built structures that can only be constructed next to their respective resource source (i.e. Resource Fields or water sources). They can decay, but this can be prevented by using Maintenance Supplies, which are consumed either in Maintenance Tunnels, or nearby Bases.

List of World Resource Mines

World Resource Mines are world structures located in predetermined locations, which are placed by the devs at the start of each World Conquest. They can not be built, and can only be rebuilt (at the start of each war, they start off destroyed).