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A type of base called "Encampment".

Bases are structures where players can spawn and gear up. Open a base's interface by pressing E when next to it.


You must use the Assign Spawn Point Assign Spawn UI Icon.png button at the bottom of the interface to set a particular Base as your spawn location.

You can only have two spawn points active at any given time:

Players can only spawn at their assigned Bases if they've not been destroyed and if their stockpile is supplied with Soldier Supplies (respawning consumes one).

Once you spawn, the Submit Starter Kit Submit Starter UI Icon.png button allows you to dump your starting gear (Hammer, Pistol, and 2 magazines) in one click if you don't need it.


Main article: Stockpile

Bases also contain a Stockpile, which is where players obtain gear.

Unlike the Base's inventory, retrieving items from a stockpile take a few seconds. Press Left Click on an item's icon to retrieve one.

Stockpiles are replenished by logistics players that deliver and submit crates of items (built at a Factory or Mass Production Factory) to the Base. To submit items or crates to the base's stockpile, open the base's menu with E, right click a crate in your inventory and choose "Submit to Stockpile" (or "Submit all to Stockpile" if you have multiple crates and want to submit everything).

You can access a stockpile from the driver seat of transport vehicles like Trucks and LUVs by pressing E . Retrieving items from the stockpile is twice as fast that way. You can even retrieve items 3 by 3 by pressing Shift + Left click. Your inventory shown on the bottom left will be your vehicle's inventory instead of your backpack.

Opening any Base's menu update your Map Intelligence.

Destruction & Capture

During the war, a faction can claim a Base from the other faction by destroying it and rebuilding it with a Construction Vehicle (CV) and Basic Materials (bmats). If you rebuild a destroyed Base previously owned by your faction, the Base will regain all the supplies and upgrades that it had before it was destroyed. If you rebuild a destroyed Base previously owned by the enemy faction, the Base will regain 25% of the supplies that it had before it was destroyed (except Soldier Supplies) but it will start with no upgrades.

When a Base is destroyed, items in its inventory (not stockpile) will drop on the ground nearby.

When a new war begins, a few World Bases start in the 'destroyed' state.

To rebuild a base with a CV:

  1. Drive the CV close to destroyed base and press Z to switch to passenger seat
  2. Have the required amount of bmat in the CV inventory (depends on base type and tier)
  3. Press E
  4. Hit the blueprint with the CV arm by aiming with Right Click and holding Left Click until completion.

Bases are immune to friendly fire.

Base Types

  • All bases that exist in predetermined locations (often near points of interest in the world) are called "World Base".
  • The Town Bases that count towards the Victory Condition are called "Victory Base" Town Hall Map Icon.png

Home Bases

Forward Bases

Base Upgrades

Main article: Base Upgrades

Base Upgrades are additional functionalities that the base can unlock. They are slowly and automatically unlocked over time. Upgrades progress faster the more people assign their spawn to that base. A particular upgrade can be sped up by voting for it in the menu of the Base if you've assigned your spawn there. Progression is also sped up by things like supplying the base and building structures.

The most common upgrades are the garrison upgrades that let the base provide Garrison to nearby defenses under certain conditions. Garrisoned defenses automatically shoot at enemies in range, as if AI soldiers were inside.

You can check a Base's upgrade progress by putting your mouse over its icon on the map.

Decay Prevention

A base with the Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade unlocked and stockpiled with Maintenance Supplies can prevent the decay of player structures in its garrison range by consuming those supplies.

They are consumed at a rate of 1 per hour per decaying structure in range. However the rate is affected by the Supply Consumption Modifier of the Region Zone the base is in. The modifier depends on the amount of structures in the zone and thus the server performance. The modifier in a zone can be viewed by hovering your mouse over it on the map. The modifier can be "Very Good" (approximately x0.5), "Good" (x1), "Poor" (x2), or "Very Poor" (x4 or more).

You can check a base's current Maintenance Supplies consumption by hovering your mouse over the tiny icon G.Supplies.png in the top right corner of the Base menu.

The decay prevention also slowly repairs the damage done by decay.