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Shippables are packaged structures or vehicles that can be moved by Cranes and transported using specially designed shipping vehicles. Shippable structures can be stored in Storage Depots, Seaports, and Storage Ships.


Shippable structures and vehicles can be packaged by going into their menu (press E) and clicking the package Unpackage UI Icon.png button. When packaged, they are unable to function and their content is inaccessible. You can unpackage a shippable by pressing E. Both packaging and unpackaging takes a few seconds and moving cancels the action. The shippable can only be packaged if at full health, full Tank Armor for armored vehicles (except train cars), not coupled to anything for train cars, and structures must have an empty inventory (not the stockpile). If the vehicle or structure has armaments, the ammunition chambered into them is deleted.

A packaged shippable not held by a crane automatically unpackages itself after 15 minutes.

Shippable Sizes

The three shippable sizes: small, large, and extra large

Shippables comes in three sizes: small, large, and extra large. All shippable structures are small while the size varies for packaged vehicles depending on the vehicle type.

Small Advanced Construction Vehicle, Armoured Car, Construction Vehicle, Light Tank, Light Utility Vehicle, Motorcycle, Scout Tank, Tankette, Trailer as well as all Field Weapons and Small Train cars
Large Ambulance, Assault Tank, Battle Tank, Container Car, Cruiser Tank, Destroyer Tank, Fire Engine, Flatbed Car, Fuel Tanker, Half-Track, Harvester, Landing APC, Light Infantry Tank, Siege Tank, Truck
Extra Large Caboose, Combat Car, Infantry Car, Locomotive, Long-Range Artillery Car
Unpackageable Bicycle, Crane, Flatbed Truck, Heavy-Duty Truck, Large Crane, Super Tank, Transport Bus and all ships



When packaged, shippables can be lifted by Cranes:

How to use cranes:

  • (vehicles only) Deploy the crane - press F
  • Aim the arm - hold RMB
    • Cursor icon relays information: crosshair = valid location, gears = valid shippable / special interaction
  • Pick up a packaged shippable - hold RMB and press LMB
  • Rotate held shippable - press A or D
  • Deposit held shippable - hold RMB and press LMB
    • Shippable can be placed on the ground, on special shipping vehicles, or on special locations

There are very few restrictions on where you can place shippables as long as there are no physical obstacles and the terrain isn't too sloped. You can place them in knee-deep water, on large rocks, roads, beaches, on top of Bunkers or Foundations. The few places not allowed are: on Bridges, Field Bridges, Navy Piers, Railway Tracks (small or large), or very close to Trenches.

When held by a crane, a shippable is incorporeal and doesn't block or collide with anything.

If the crane holding the shippable is destroyed then the shippable is also destroyed.

Shipping Vehicles

Shippables can be transported on special vehicles:

  • The Barge can transport a single small or large shippable.
  • The Freighter can transport up to five small or large shippable. (driver must toggle the cargo doors with F).
  • The Storage Ship can store and transport 100 of every shippable types in its stockpile (except train cars).

The mobile crane can be undeployed (F) and transport a small shippable, however it is very slow.

You can't pick up or deposit a shippable on a vehicle that is locked by someone else or reserved for a squad you're not in.

If a shipping vehicle is destroyed, any shippable it carried is also deleted. There are exceptions: Material Pallets, Resource Containers, Shipping Containers, and Liquid Containers carried by Flatbed Trucks or Flatbed Cars are dropped on the ground when their vehicle is destroyed.

Shipping Interactions

Shippables can be placed on special shipping spots that enable special interactions:

You can click the package Unpackage UI Icon.png button at the bottom of those building's menu to repackage the shippable without leaving your seat in the crane.

Some Shippables can also be placed on special spots:

Shippable Types

There are many types of Shippables, with each their own function. Excluding vehicles, all shippables are produced at a Construction Yard, Small Assembly Station, or Mass Production Factory.


The following shippables are production structures.


  • Every shippable structures are affected by decay over time, just like every other player-built structures. This can be avoided by either submitting them into a Storage Depot or Seaport, or by keeping them lifted on a crane's arm. You can reset the timer until decay starts on a shippable by packaging and unpackaging it. Unlike most structures, placing a shippable close to a border only shortens its timer before decay starts, the decay duration itself is unaffected.
  • When packaged and on the ground, the shippable structure or vehicle is technically a different entity, shooting it with enough damage (3 pistol shots) will unpackage it without harming it.
  • You can reset a vehicle's cold level during a Snow Storm by packaging and unpackaging it as long as it's not already completely frozen.
  • Dropping a shippable on top of a soldier kills them.