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Beach Screenshot 1.jpg

Beaches are narrow strips of sand or gravel along coastlines. They're always composed of two strips with different terrain textures (varying colors of sand and gravel) with a few meters of knee-deep water in front. In Foxhole beaches have specific gameplay and strategic purposes.



Outside of Seaport and Shipyard docks, beaches are the only area where a Barge can lower its ramp.

When travelling on water, Landing APCs and amphibious LUVs can only get back on land through a beach.

Although they can deploy their ramp elsewhere, beaches are still ideal landing locations for Landing Ships.


Most structures cannot be built on beaches. Only a few types are allowed and often not everywhere on the beach.

Part of the beach Structures allowed
Knee-deep water Shippables (including Emplacements)
Wet strip Shippable, Tank Trap, Fire Pit, Sign Post, Motorboat, Field Bridge, Navy Pier
Dry strip Shippable, Tank Trap, Fire Pit, Sign Post, Field Bridge, Sandbags, Barbed Wire, Barbed Wire Fence, Tripod, AT Mine

Dug Foxholes, Trenches and Bunkers can't be dug on beaches.

Motorboat Production

The wet beach strip closest to the water is the only place where a Motorboat can be built using a Hammer.

Input(s) Output Time
60 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  BMS - Grouper MotorboatIcon.png 60 Hammer hits

Strategic Purposes

Since beaches are the only place where Barges can deploy they are very useful to partisan operations and also an ideal deployment location for naval invasions. With beaches, a barge can transport non-amphibious Vehicles to be used deep in enemy territory. It's therefore very important to build defenses around the most strategic beaches.

You cannot prevent a barge or landing ship from deploying on a beach by building and placing obstacles, there's always room to deploy.

A few beaches in the world are exceptionally deep and thus hard to defend due to the lack of defenses. The largest being near Axehead in Godcrofts.