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Facilities are large player-built structures that are constructed with a Construction Vehicle on Foundations. To learn more about facilities, please read our guide on Getting Started with Facilities.

While it is possible to play the game without needing to use a Facility, various items and vehicles require facilities to produce them. All vehicle variants, Harvesters, Trains, and other high end vehicles can only be built via facilities.

Facilities can be reserved for a Squad TrenchReservationIcon.png

The original builder of a facility can instantly demolish it TrenchDemolishIcon.png if it was built less than 7 days ago (materials refunded).

Facilities are immune to Friendly Fire. However one can be flagged for "Disruptive Structure Placement" RemoveStructureIcon.png to remove its Friendly Fire immunity (5 "votes" needed).

Various Facilities and Facility Upgrades are locked behind the tech tree, requiring your faction to advance through tech in order to unlock various upgrades or structures.

Facilities List FacilityIcon.png

Supply Flow

Supply Flow Facilities.png


  • Facilities were introduced in Update 1.50 (officially known as "Inferno")