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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

An old fort. Players can spawn and stockpile items here.
In-game description

The Relic Base is a sturdy world structure that serves as a Home Base where players can deploy, respawn, and rearm.


It cannot be built, it is found in the world. Their location is indicated by an icon MapIconRelicBase.png on the map.


Destroyed Relic Bases can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle. The cost depends on the model: 200 Basic Materials for the small one, 300 for medium, and 400 for the largest. Drive the CV to the base, press F to switch to upgrade mode, aim at the base with RMB and press E, then hit the blueprint by holding LMB until completion.

If the faction which previously owned the base rebuilds it then it regains all the Stockpile and every Base Upgrades that were unlocked. But if the enemy faction captures it by rebuilding it then the base keeps 25% of its stock (none of the Soldier Supplies or Maintenance Supplies) and loses all its base upgrades.

Ownership of a Relic Base determines the ownership of the Region Zone it's in.

Base Upgrades

Base Upgrades are additional functionalities that the base can unlock. They are slowly and automatically unlocked over time. Upgrades progress faster the more people assign their spawn to that base. A particular upgrade can be prioritized by voting for it in the menu of the Base if you've assigned your spawn there. Progression is sped up by things like supplying the base and building structures. You can check the base upgrades unlocked at a given Base by hovering your mouse over its icon on the map.

Image Name Description Unlock Time*
"Friendly" Territory
Unlock Time*
"Neutral/Enemy" Territory
"BASE" Tree IconFilterBase.png
IconFacilitiesProvisionalGarrison.png Provisional Garrison A Provisional Garrison connects the base to nearby defensive structures (150m radius). Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity is too low (<10 player spawns assigned). 25min 80min
IconFacilitiesSmallGarrison.png Small Garrison A small Garrison permanently connects the base to nearby defensive structures (150m radius).

Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Maintenance Supplies from the stockpile.

16hrs 43hrs
IconFacilitiesLargeGarrison.png Large Garrison A large Garrison permanently connects the base to nearby defensive structures (150m radius). 2days 5.5days
IconFacilitiesFortifications.png Fortifications Enables additional town defenses to be built such as Mortar Houses. 24hrs 64hrs

*Unlock Times listed here are approximate values and correspond to a Base's passive unlock time: zero player spawns assigned, 5+ friendly structures in range, 800+ Salvage (or equivalent value) in stockpile. Unlock times can be much shorter if many player spawns are assigned.


Defensive Position

The building has a walkable interior where infantry can seek shelter, multiple doorways, and multiple reinforced windows. The windows serve as firing positions enterable by players (press Q) to fire their equipped weapon. While inside they cannot be injured by anything except Gas Grenades or heat. They also instantly die if the house is destroyed. Being inside the base also warms up soldiers during Snow Storms.


When garrisoned, its reinforced windows automatically shoot at enemy infantry with Rifles and at enemy vehicles with Anti-Tank Rifles in a 25 meter range. However they cannot fire at enemies that are inside the base. Unlike other garrisoned structures there is no visual indication whether the garrison is active or not. The AI cannot be suppressed and does not retaliate beyond its range when shot at.

Home Base

It acts as a Home Base. Players can resupply at its stockpile and respawn there if they have set their spawn there and and its stockpile has Soldier Supplies. Players can also deploy to it from Home Region and build Cranes and Construction Vehicles nearby.

When a new war begins, its stockpile start with Rifles, rifle ammo, Mammon 91-b grenades, Radios, Wrenches, Basic Materials, Diesel, and Soldier Supplies.

Garrison Provider

It provides Garrison to all friendly structures in a 150m radius if it has unlocked the Small Garrison IconFacilitiesSmallGarrison.png upgrade, or if it has the Provisional Garrison IconFacilitiesProvisionalGarrison.png upgrade and at least 10 players have their spawn assigned there.


There are three models of Relic Bases, each with its own size, layout and health.

It has a lot of health and is immune to small arms, fragmentation grenades, and 12.7mm machine gun fire. It is very resistant to most heavy explosives but is vulnerable to Demolition damage. The medium and large models have about 15% and 30% more health than the small model respectively.


It doesn't have any Garrisoned Houses around it to protect it but it also doesn't have a three tier system like the Town Base, Safe House, and Garrisoned House. When rebuilt, the Relic Base is instantly nearly as resistant as the tier 3 of those bases, making the relic base immediately strong and defensible after being captured.

Due to their sturdiness, capturing a Relic Base is easier if your infantry manage to get inside the building. Either to kill respawning enemies to deplete their soldier supplies or to safely use explosives. Without any investment in player built defences it's relatively easy for rush into the building to deploy explosives due to the blindspots in the windows AI coverage. This also means most anti-structure vehicles can relatively safely attack the base if there's no anti-tank defenses built by players around it. Since the Relic Base AI doesn't have a retaliation behavior, you can safely shoot it from beyond its 25m range.