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Pumps water through pipes. Must be built on bodies of water.
In-game description

A Water Pump is a player built Facility Mine that automatically extracts Water from a large body of water.


It is built with a Construction Vehicle and costs Construction Materials. It must be built on a large body of water and must not be too close to another Water Pump.


Upgrade modules exist to add more production options. However only one can be installed on a facility. It cannot be uninstalled, but demolishing the facility will refund the upgrade cost. The upgrade options are listed in the bottom right corner of the structure's menu. The required materials must be either in the player's inventory or the structure's inventory.

Image Name Description Cost Requirements
FacilityElectricWaterPumpIcon.png Piped Water Pump Adds a pump for pressurizing a pipe for water. Adds an output for a pipe. 150 ConstructionMaterialsIcon.png


If the Piped Water Pump upgrade is installed, a Pipeline can be connected to the outlet to automatically transfer Water.

A single Power Line can be connected to it to provide the power required for production. The line can be disconnected by pressing the "Disconnect All Power" BtPowerDisconnect.png button.


The original builder can instantly demolish it BtDemolish.png if it was built less than 28 days ago (materials refunded).


It can be reserved for a Squad BtReserve.png to prevent non-members from modifying it, however the stockpile access is not restricted.


It is immune to Friendly Fire but it can be flagged for "Disruptive Structure Placement" BtRemove.png to remove the immunity (5 "votes" needed).


When destroyed, it leaves behind a "husk" that can be rebuilt. Reconstruction uses the same tool and materials as the construction. It can only be done by the faction that owned the facility. Rebuilding it restore its stockpile and production orders.

Action Logs

In its interface you can view the Action Logs BtLog.png to check the modifications done to it and the logs of production orders.


You can access its interface when on foot or in a logistics vehicle by pressing E.


A production order can be started by clicking the slide-toggle button on the desired production line: ProductionToggleActive.png green means on, ProductionToggleInactive.png red means off, and ProductionTogglePaused.png yellow means paused. You can read the reason for the pause by putting your cursor on the slide-toggle button.

One player can only have one order running at a time at a given facility, however up to 5 orders from different players can run concurrently. The amount of active orders is shown at the top. If the limit is reached the subsequent orders are placed in a hidden queue.

Orders can be set to "Public" or "Personal" via the drop-down button at the top:

  • Public: The output is automatically submitted into the stockpile. If the stockpile is full, the output is placed in a personal output slot (max 2500L).
  • Personal: Output is placed into a personal output slot that holds the Water cans (max 2500L) for the player whilst production is underway. The output items can be retrieved with RMB > "Retrieve" or as crates with RMB > "Retrieve as crates". If not retrieved, personal outputs are released into the public stockpile 28 hours after the order is complete .

Put your cursor on the question mark button BtQuestionMark.png on the production line to view the exact recipes.

Available Recipes:

Input(s) Output(s) Time
50L x  Water WaterIcon.png 00:00:50

If the "Piped Water Pump" upgrade is installed and a Pipeline connected to the outlet, the water produced is automatically transferred into the Pipeline rather than placed in the stockpile or a personal output slot.

The pump doesn't deplete the actual body of water so the mine can produce an infinite amount of water.


The Water Pump's stockpile can hold up to 50 Water cans.

In its interface, you can press the Stockpile Actions Log BtLog.png button to view the logs of items retrieved from and submitted to the stockpile.