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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

An old coastal defence gun that has been reused for the defence of key locations against naval bombardment.
In-game description

The Coastal Gun is a defensive world structure that automatically fires at enemy small ships and amphibious vehicles on water when garrisoned.


It cannot be built, it is found near the coast in certain towns in the world. Its location is indicated by an icon MapIconCoastalGun.png on the map.


A destroyed Coastal Gun can be rebuilt with with a Construction Vehicle and 200 Basic Materials if the Town Base or Relic Base in its Zone has unlocked the Fortifications IconFacilitiesFortifications.png upgrade.


Anti-Ship Garrison

When its Garrison is active (large flag on top) it automatically fires at any enemy ships (except Large Ships), accurately in 150m range, and inaccurately up to 200m. It can fire in a full 360 degree arc. It fires every 3 seconds and each shot deals 1000 damage (5m radius explosion). The shots it fires are not actual projectiles, and instead put an explosion on a spot directly. Due to this its shots are not blocked by obstacles or terrain the gun can fire at any vehicle in water within its range. It treats land vehicles mostly or fully submerged in the water as ships and fires at them until they are destroyed. It doesn't target swimming infantry.

Its garrison cannot be suppressed.


It has a lot of health. It is immune to small arms, fragmentation grenades, and 12.7mm machine gun. It's pretty resistant to most heavy explosives but is vulnerable to Demolition explosives.