DAE 1b-2 “Serra”

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Built like a saw blade, the DAE 1b-2 emplacement gun is fitted with three cascading machine gun turrets. What the “Serra” lacks in power, it makes up for in sheer rate of fire for a weapon of its size.
In-game description

The DAE 1b-2 “Serra” (also known as Emplaced Machine Gun or EMG) is a Colonial Emplaced Weapon equipped with a frontal shield and a 12.7mm machine gun.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Construction Yard 100 x  Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png  DAE 1b-2 “Serra” EmplacedInfantryCIcon.png 100 Hammer hits
Mass Production Factory 300 x  Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png Crate of 3 x  DAE 1b-2 “Serra” EmplacedInfantryCIcon.png 01:23:20

It must be fully researched in the Weapons and Structure IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.


It can be interacted with either on foot, or in a vehicle by pressing E and manned with Q. The enemy players cannot interact or use it.

Weapon Platform

Its weapon platform is manned by a single player. The large front shield protects the gunner well from small arms incoming fire but they are susceptible to Poisonous Gas.


  • Gunner (Right Seat)
    • Rotates the turret by aiming with RMB
    • Fires and reloads the machine gun
  • Passenger (Left Seat)
    • No purpose


  • 12.7mm Machine Gun
    • Mounted on the platform (can rotate 360 degrees, turns 30° per second)
    • Ammo Used: 12.7mm
    • Effective Range: 35 meters
    • Maximum Range: 40 meters
    • Reload Duration: 6 seconds
    • Fire Rate: 300 rounds per minute
    • High velocity barrel increases damage by 20% (66-99 damage)
    • Magazine Size: 300 rounds
    • Accuracy: very high
    • Stability: Can fire nonstop without losing accuracy

It has a dedicated ammo slot that can hold 40 magazines.


As an Emplaced Weapon it cannot move on its own, and must be packaged and lifted by cranes in order to be moved anywhere. It can be transported by shipping vehicles.


It can be placed pretty much anywhere on land, even on top of other structures. It can be placed within 60 meters of a region's border ("no build" zone), however it will still quickly decay there. The only notable place where it can't be placed is Bridges.

It can also be placed inside a Trench Emplacement. Doing so quadruples its health and doubles its rotation speed. However if the Trench Emplacement is destroyed, the Emplaced Weapon goes along with it.


It is invisible at night and behind physical obstacles, just like infantry. It can also be hidden by being placed inside large bushes, but is revealed to people within 10m. Only its firing effects (smoke and flashes from the barrel) will betray its presence. This only works if it's not packaged.


It is immune to small arms, fragmentation grenades, but not to 12.7mm machine gun fire and it is pretty resistant to most heavier explosives.