A0E-9 Rocket Platform

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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

A specialized launch platform designed to facilitate the assembly and firing of devastating A0E-9 Ballistic Missile, colloquially known as the AEON Rocket.
In-game description

The A0E-9 Rocket Platform (or Rocket Site) is a player-built facility structure that are used to assemble, fuel, and launch A0E-9 Rockets. It requires an Intelligence Center to target and launch the rocket.


It is built with a Construction Vehicle using 100 Rare Alloys RareAlloysIcon.png on Foundations.

Must be fully researched in the Weapons and Structures IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png Tech Tree in order to be constructed.


  • You can access its interface when on foot or in a logistics vehicle by pressing E.
  • It can be demolished TrenchDemolishIcon.png if built less than 28 days ago (materials refunded).
  • It can be reserved for a Squad TrenchReservationIcon.png to prevent non-members from modifying it in any way. The reservation lasts for 76 hours instead of the usual 52. Once the timer elapses any squad can reclaim the structure.
  • It is immune to Friendly Fire and unlike other facilities it cannot be flagged for "Disruptive Structure Placement".
  • You can view the Action Logs Log.png to check the modifications done to it.


Rocket Assembly

To build the A0E-9 Rocket, you must deposit one of each of the three Rocket Parts (A0E-9 Rocket Booster, A0E-9 Rocket Body, and A0E-9 Rocket Warhead) onto the center of the Platform using a Crane.

When a complete Rocket is installed the platform's map icon changes to MapIconRocketSiteFull.png.


Once built, the rocket automatically begins transferring fuel from the Rocket Platform's internal tank until it is fully fuelled. It requires 30,000L of Heavy Oil in order to launch (24 hours of fueling). The rocket platform's tank is refuelled just like any other facility and has an inlet for a Pipeline. The fuel status of the rocket and the platform's tank can be viewed in the building's interface.


The Rocket Platform must be reserved by a Squad before a launch can be attempted and only members of that Squad can participate in the launch process.

An Intelligence Center needs to perform a listening operation to designate a target and generate a launch code for it. The specified target must be within 2000m from the rocket platform. The Intel Center does not have to be near the Rocket Platform to generate a target. The launch code is displayed in the Intelligence Center's menu.

3 members of the reserving squad must then enter that code with the "Enter Launch Code" button SubmitCode.png in the Rocket Platform's interface to start the launch sequence. 10 squad members also needs to be in the region when entering the launch codes.

Once the Launch Sequence starts, a target icon MapIconRocketTarget.png appears on the map for both factions and a 48 hour timer begins. An Alert will also play every 2 hours with details of the target location. Any World Base within 80m of the rocket target will sound a siren for the entire duration of the launch sequence.

The region and coordinates of the target as well as the launch timer are displayed in the Rocket Platform menu. The information is also displayed when you hover your cursor over any Rocket Target icon or Rocket Platform icon on the map.

After the 48 hours have elapsed, the rocket is launched and cannot be stopped anymore. Upon reaching its destination the rocket permanently destroys all structures within a 80m radius. It also leaves a permanent icon MapIconRocketGroundZero.png on the map at the impact site. If a "Victory Condition" Town Base is permanently destroyed, the number of Victory Condition towns necessary to win the war gets reduced by one.

Stopping the Launch

There are several ways a Rocket launch can be stopped in the 48 hours before launch:

  • The launch can be cancelled if three members of the reserving squad press the "Cancel Launch" button in the interface. Upon cancellation a new launch cannot be started for 4 hours.
  • Visibly damaging the rocket or the platform will delay the launch until it's repaired.
  • Destroying the Intelligence Center, Rocket, or Rocket Platform will stop the launch process completely.



  • The A0E-9 Rocket Platform is the first purely offensive facility structure in the game. Unlike other facilities, which are used to produce equipment and ammunition, this one is used in direct combat, similar to emplacements.
  • The A0E-9 Rocket Platform is the replacement for the Rocket Launch Site.
    • While the old Rocket Launch Sites were limited in numbers (eight on the world map), the A0E-9 Rocket Platform can be constructed anywhere, as long as there is a target within Intelligence Center range.
    • The old version was single-use, while the current version can be used multiple times (so long as there is a target to shoot at).
  • The platform and the rocket do not decay and cannot be set on fire.
  • When the Rocket launches from the platform, it shoots out flames in a 6 meter radius around itself, dealing incendiary damage to anything within it.