Coal Field

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A resource field for collecting Coal to be used as fuel, for production at Facilities or taken to a Refinery.
In-game description

The Coal Field is a Resource Field where Players can collect Coal.


It cannot be built, it is found in the world. Its location is indicated by an icon MapIconCoal.png on the map.

Resource Field locations are randomly selected by the game at the start of each war and do not change.


Coal Collection

A Coal Field is composed of a large decorative center piece that can't be mined and smaller Coal nodes strewn around it that you mine. Coal nodes are mined by hitting them with a Hammer or Sledge Hammer, or Harvester (hold Left Click). The Coal Field starts with 30 nodes spawned on the ground, and 250 more in reserve. When a node on the field is harvested, a node from the reserve is spawned in after a few seconds. The amount of nodes left in the field's reserve can be seen by hovering your mouse over a field's icon on the map (only if your faction owns the Region Zone it's in) or by pressing E on a field's large center piece. The appearance of the large center piece also becomes more depleted the fewer nodes are left in reserve. Once fully depleted, the field replenishes after 80-140 real life minutes (depends on player population). If you mine the reserve nodes till around 20, the number shall drop suddenly to zero and then respawn counter starts. If the field is left with nodes (after resetting), they shall add to the spawned number, i.e, you can have fresh Coal Fields with more than 250 nodes at start

When mined, a node splits into two smaller pieces which themselves split into even tinier pieces. Fully mining one node yields 270 Coal by default, meaning an entire field is worth more than 67500 Coal.

Rarely a Field spawns a High Yield resource node. They are identified by a bright light on top of them and yield a much higher amount of resources for the same mining effort

Stationary Harvester

Up to 3 Coal Stationary Harvesters can be built right next to a particular Coal field. They automatically retrieve Coal from the field's node reserve and consume Petrol. Hovering the cursor over the field's icon on the map will show you how much resource is currently stored in the field's Stationary Harvesters.

Stationary Harvesters (Coal) must be unlocked in the tech tree.

Resource Transport

The collected resources can be transported by Trucks.

Resource Containers can also be brought by Flatbed, Barge, or Freighter then unloaded with a Crane at a resource field to be manually filled with raw resources. The container can hold way more resources than a Truck.


Coal Fields cannot be destroyed.