Stone Bridge

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

The Stone Bridge is a world structure that allows infantry and vehicles to cross bodies of water.


It cannot be built. It can be found on the map across certain rivers.


A destroyed Stone Bridge can be rebuilt with a Hammer and 300 Basic Materials.


River Crossing

Like other bridges, its main purpose is to allow infantry and land vehicles to cross it. It is wide enough to accommodate one vehicle. Naval vehicles cannot pass under it.

When destroyed neither vehicle nor infantry can cross it.

Destroying it can be used to block the enemy's logistics routes.

Defensive Position

The small nooks on each side of the bridge can serve as cover for crouched infantry, making them safe from enemy vehicles trying to run them over.

A few types of defensive structures can be built on most bridges: Sandbags, Tank Trap, Barbed Wire, deployed Tripod, Fire Pit.