Anti-Tank Pillbox

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

This heavily reinforced pillbox allows the garrisoned infantry with anti-tank rifles to fire on approaching enemy armour from a safe position.
In-game description

The Anti-Tank Pillbox (also known as an AT Pillbox) is a player-built defensive structure that automatically fires at enemy vehicles with an anti-tank rifle when garrisoned.


It can be built with a Hammer and 85 Basic Materials on any land except roads, beaches, bridges, or rocks.



When its Garrison is active (large flag on the pillbox), it automatically fires a 20mm anti-tank rifle on any enemy vehicle within 26 meters (28m from its center) in a full 360 degree arc but ignores enemy infantry and structures. It fires 1 round every 1.5 seconds (40 rounds/min). Its detection range is reduced at night, similar to player vision. Getting shot by an enemy in a vehicle triggers its retaliation fire for 7 seconds, it locks on and fires at the vehicle if it is within 50 meters (even at night) and its line of sight isn't obstructed.

The garrison has infinite ammunition.

Its garrison can be suppressed.

Defensive Position

One friendly player can get inside it by pressing Q. While inside they cannot be injured by anything except Gas Grenades or heat. They can fire with their equipped weapon in any direction unless the pillbox is suppressed. The player can't use the pillbox's anti-tank rifle. They instantly die if the pillbox is destroyed. Being inside the pillbox also warms up the player during Snow Storms.


It is immune to small arms, fragmentation grenades, and 12.7mm machine gun fire, but not to heavier explosives.


  • Prior to its rework in Update 0.46 ('Entrenched'), the Anti-Tank Pillbox had a rotating turret, which would need to turn towards its target before retaliating.
    • This version also used a heavier ammo type, which meant it dealt more damage compared to 20mm rounds.
  • The Anti-Tank Pillbox will target enemy Bicycles, which allows them to be used as temporary decoys.
  • Due to it retaliating against any vehicle, it can fire on both ships and land vehicles, allowing it to be used for smaller coastal defenses.