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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Resources used for building basic structures and producing items
In-game description

Basic Materials (also known as bmats) is a very common material with numerous applications in the game. It is used in the production, construction, and repair of various equipment, structures, and vehicles.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Refinery 2 x  Salvage SalvageIcon.png 1 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png 00:00:01

Once refined, the bmats can be retrieved in as is with left click or as crates using the right click context menu. A crate of basic materials holds 100 units.



Basic Materials are the main resource used to produce the majority of items in a Factory and Mass Production Factory.

It is also used to build some of the vehicles at Garages and Shipyards and some of the shippable structures at Construction Yards.


Basic Materials are the most common resource used for building, rebuilding, and upgrading most structures either using a Hammer or a Construction Vehicle. It is also the most common resource for adding upgrades/add-ons to Bunkers and Trenches.


Basic Materials are the only resource used to repair damaged (not destroyed) structures and vehicles. Repairs are always done with a hammer and Basic Materials in your inventory.

They are also used to fully repair a vehicle's health and armor at a Garage with the repair button Full Repair Icon.png in its menu, with the required 100 Basic Materials in the building's inventory.


Basic Materials stack up to 100 in inventory slots.

They can be packed into crates of 100 units or their crate unpacked with the right click context menu while interfacing a Seaport, Storage Depot, or Shipping Container.

Crates of Basic Materials can be stored in the stockpiles of Storage Depot and Seaport, up to 1000 in public stockpiles and up to 300 in Reserve Stockpiles. Only crates retrieved directly from your Refinery queue can be stored in a Reserve Stockpile.

Basic Materials cannot be used in any meaningful way when in crate form.

Base stockpiles can only hold up to 32,000 Basic Materials. Trying to add more simply deletes the materials.

Wearing an Engineer Uniform or Tank Uniform reduce the encumbrance of the basic materials in your inventory by 25%.


  • Your frontline Bases should always have Basic Materials in them. Without it, you cannot build or rebuild on newly captured ground, repair your defenses, or repair damaged armored vehicles. Basic Materials on the frontlines is just as vital as weapons, ammunition and manpower
  • Due to every production building in the backline regions requiring them, always have Basic Materials producing at your Refinery so your factories never stop producing equipment
  • Producing Basic Materials in copious amounts and having it widely available everywhere is essential to the war effort, as it helps every player in some way