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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.55) of the game.

In Foxhole, there exists a wide variety of Weapons, Ammunition, Medical items, Utility items, Uniforms, Shippable structures, and Vehicles. These are all crafted by Players with Materials which are acquired by refining raw Resources that they have gathered.

Crafting these things, managing their amounts, and delivering what is needed to the frontlines using vehicles is an essential part of the game.

Gathering Resources

Raw Resources SalvageIcon.png Components.png SulfurPlaceholder.png are gathered at Resource Fields MapIconScrap.png MapIconComponents.png MapIconSulfur.png or Resource Mines MapIconScrapMine.png MapIconComponentMine.png MapIconSulfurMine.png.

A Component Field Salvage Mine.jpg

Crafting Materials

Refinery MapIconManufacturing.png

A fully-built Refinery

Most raw resources can be refined into Materials at a Refinery. The amount of raw resources needed depends on the materials and the refining process takes time. Refining materials are done in parallel to other Players, their refining doesn't slow yours. Materials can be refined as 'personal' (processed materials are temporarily stored in a private queue only accessible by you) or as 'public' (the processed materials are outputted to the Refinery stockpile accessible by everyone).

Refineries are critical to crafting because they are the only source of materials commonly used for most productions: Basic Materials Basic Materials.png, Explosive Materials Explosive Materials.png, Refined Materials Refined Materials.png, and Heavy Explosive Materials HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png. They are also the only source of Diesel Diesel.png, the most common fuel type.

Refineries are world structures, new ones cannot be built. Their locations vary between wars, however they tend to be very far from the frontlines.

Input(s) Output(s) Time
1 x Aluminum Aluminium.PNG 1 x  Aluminum Alloy AluminiumAlloy.PNG 00:00:00.24
1 x Iron Iron.PNG 1 x  Iron Alloy IronAlloy.PNG 00:00:00.24
1 x Copper Copper.png 1 x  Copper Alloy Copper Alloy.png 00:00:00.24
2 x Salvage SalvageIcon.png 1 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png 00:00:00.48
20 x Sulfur SulfurPlaceholder.png 1 x  Heavy Explosive Materials HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png 00:01:00
20 x Components Components.png 1 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png 00:00:40
5 x Coal CoalIcon.png 1 x  Gravel GravelIcon.png 00:00:01.2
10 x Salvage SalvageIcon.png 1 x  Explosive Materials Explosive Materials.png 00:00:33.3
10 x Salvage SalvageIcon.png 1 x  Diesel Fuel.png 00:00:12

Concrete Mixer

A Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixers are a type of player-built structure that specially designed to craft Concrete Materials. It can only be constructed at a Construction Yard or as a crate in a Mass Production Factory.

Input(s) Output(s) Time
20 x Components Components.png 1 x  Concrete Materials ConcreteBagIcon.png 00:00:20

Crafting Items

A Factory

For most items in the game you do not produce individual items but crates Crate.png that contain a fixed amount of a particular item (amount depends on the type). Those crates are produced at a Factory MapIconFactory.png using Basic Materials, Explosive Materials, Refined Materials, or Heavy Explosive Materials. The items inside the crates cannot be retrieved directly, the crates must be submitted into a Base and the items then retrieved from the Base's stockpile.

The production of crates is done by placing orders which take time. Factory production options have subcategories: Small Arms SmallWeaponsIcon.png, Heavy Arms HeavyWeaponsIcon.png, Heavy Ammunition HeavyAmmunitionIcon.png, Utility UtilityIcon.png, Medical MedicalIcon.png, Resource FacilitiesResourceIcon.png, Uniforms FacilitiesUniformsIcon.png. The orders placed in one subcategory are processed one at a time, your order will only be processed after previous orders are finished.

Each item type can only be produced if they have been researched by the Faction.

Factories are world structures, new ones cannot be built. Their locations vary between wars, however they tend to be far from the frontlines.

Crafting Vehicles & Shippable Structures

Nearly all "standard" land vehicles are produced at a GarageMapIconVehicle.png, while most "standard" naval vehicles are produced at a Shipyard MapIconShipyard.png.

Most Shippable structures are produced at a Construction Yard MapIconConstructionYard.png.

The production of all of these is done manually with a Hammer and requires either Basic Materials or Refined Materials. A vehicle or shippable structure can only be produced if it has been researched by the Faction.

Garages, Shipyards, and Construction Yards are world structures, new ones cannot be built. Their locations vary between wars, however they tend to be far from the frontlines.

Garage2022.png Img Shipyard.png Construction Yard.png

Mass Production Factory

A Mass Production Factory

A Mass Production Factory MapIconMassProductionFactory.png (or "MPF") is a very large factory that can mass produce crates of items and large crates of packed vehicles or shippables. Its production speed is much slower than at a Factory but increases the more production orders are placed in a given category. It has the same subcategories as a Factory plus "Vehicles" MapIconVehicle.png and "Shippables" ShippableIcon.png.

The packed vehicles and shippables cannot be used directly, their large crate must first be delivered to the stockpile of a Storage Depot MapIconStorageFacility.png or Seaport MapIconSeaport.png and unpacked there with the RMB context menu.

Mass Production Factories are world structures, new ones cannot be built. Their locations vary between wars, however they tend to be very far from the frontlines.


Facilities are advanced production structures built by players.

For more in-depth info, see the guide: Getting Started with Facilities.

Supply Flow

A summary of the Logistics Supply Flow in Foxhole