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A multipurpose tool. Can be used to dismantle mines/barbed wire and unlock vehicles.
In-game description

The Wrench is a special tool only used to dismantle Landmines, Barbed Wires, Tank Traps and remove vehicle locks.

  • The Wrench is most commonly used to unlock enemy vehicles, allowing to quickly get away with the stolen vehicle and/or use its inventory.
    • It is possible to use the Wrench to unlock your Faction's vehicles. Bear in mind that unlocking and/or stealing your Faction's vehicles is strongly frowned upon and should be only done with permission or when under urgent conditions, use with responsibility.
    • Although the Wrench can dismantle the vehicle lock, it does not undo the squad claim on a friendly vehicle. Entering the drivers seat of an enemy squad-claimed vehicle will remove the squad claim.
  • Vehicles can now only be wrenched by friendly players 5 minutes after the owner has exited it, reducing the chances of vehicles being stolen by griefing players. (changed since Update 0.22)


  1. Equip the Wrench.
  2. Crouch C near an object that can be dismantled / a vehicle door.
  3. Press LMB to begin dismantling the object / lock, you will see a prompt and animation that you are dismantling.
  • Once dismantling is finished, the character will slightly raise again and the object will disappear / the vehicle will be unlocked.
    • The dismantling process takes 10 seconds to finish, beware as you will be left vulnerable during this period!


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Factory (Utility) 75 x  Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png Crate of 5 x  Wrench WorkWrench.png 00:00:50