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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

When attached to a Gas Mask, this filter provides fresh air to the wearer.
In-game description

The Gas Mask Filter (a.k.a "Filter") is a consumable utility item used by Gas Masks to protect players from the deadly clouds of Gas Grenades which progressively consumes the filter.


When an empty Gas Mask is equipped, a filter from the inventory is automatically consumed to refill its 100 points. When inside a Green Ash cloud, the mask loses 15 points every 2 seconds. When hit by Green Ash and out of points, the mask automatically tries to recharge by consuming the first Filter in the player's inventory.

If you equip a Gas Mask and then put Filters in your backpack, these will not automatically be consumed. However, upon getting hit by Green Ash, they still get consumed as usual. You can force the reload by unequipping and reequiping the mask.

Sitting it out in a cloud for the full duration will cost 60% of a filter.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Factory (Utility) 100 x  Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png Crate of 20 x  Gas Mask Filter GasMaskFilterIcon.png 00:00:50


The Gas Mask Filter does not stack in inventories except in the inventory of players wearing a Tank Uniform (stacks of 2 per slot).

It can be stored in Base stockpiles.

Gas Mask Filter crates can be stored in the stockpile of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Storage Ship. They can be submitted to any stockpile that accept Gas Mask Filters to transfer their content into it.


  • Generally speaking, infantry should not be equipping them, unless they are using equipment that requires them to be stationary. (i.e. tripod weapons)
  • You should always carry multiple filters whenever you use a vehicle, or a field gun, as those are high priority targets for gas attacks. If you are planning on using a tank, it is recommended to have multiple filters on you so you do not easily die to gas attacks.