Damaged Components

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Damaged Components that can be salvaged into Components.
In-game description

Damaged Components (also known as Broken Components, Bcomps, or Dcomps) are a raw resource specially designed to be refined into regular Components.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Stationary Harvester (Components) (Excavator) 6L x  Petrol RefinedFuelIcon.png 18 x  Damaged Components ComponentsDamagedIcon.png 00:00:12

Tier 2 Facilities must be fully researched in the Weapons and Structure IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Unlike regular Components, the production of Damaged Components does not consume nodes in the field's reserve and will continuously run as long as the Stationary Harvester(s) are fueled AND the internal stockpile is not full.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Metalworks Factory (Recycler) 75 x  Damaged Components ComponentsDamagedIcon.png
4 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
5 x  Components ComponentsIcon.png 00:00:25


Like other raw resources they stack up to 100 per slot in inventories and can be stored in Resource Containers and Resource Transfer Stations. They can be transported by Truck or Small Container Car.

They can't be packed into crates, unlike materials, and can not be stockpiled inside of a Storage Depots or Seaport. They can be stored in a Resource Transfer Station, though this method is counter-intuitive as it is more beneficial to refine them immediately.


  • Since Damaged Component production doesn't affect the Component Field's reserve (aka messes with the spawn rates and harvesting or regular components), it is essential to use this recipe ASAP in order to maximize the production of Components.
  • Given their slow refinement, it is highly recommended to set up multiple Metalworks Factories with the Recycler upgrade to process them faster.
    • A single Diesel Power Plant with a Petrol Power Plant upgrade is able to supply power for three Recyclers.
    • Due to their high conversion rate, it is highly inefficient to process Damaged Components off-site (i.e. away from the field). In order to maximize production, and minimize transportation, Bcomp > Comp production MUST be done close to the field as possible.


  • Damaged Components were introduced during the devbranch of 1.50 Inferno in response to the community's concerns about components becoming extremely scarce and potentially causing internal conflict due to a lot of new materials requiring them.