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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 0.10.

The objective of this article is to provide an overview of the canonical Lore of Foxhole with minimal speculation. Non-canon information will not be included, except when it can be used to clarify a canon point or concept. While this page may not always be entirely accurate, it strives to offer the most comprehensive view of the known lore. Readers are welcome to link to sources supporting statements made in this article or to suggest modifications if they can provide proper sources.

To start, let's take note of an important quote from Matt, the Foxhole developer in charge of lore.

I'm glad to hear there's a lot of new people enjoying the Lore! There is something I want to reiterate, because sometimes I read people say "When the devs release the Lore" or "When the devs flesh out the Lore." [...] We won't be handing out a point by point history or timeline, or a bible of events. There are many many hints and chunks of information about the world scattered throughout the game (with more being added all the time) and I can 100% tell you that a lot of it hasn't been referenced (at least to my knowledge.) Good luck, have fun and I love reading all your theories!
Developer Matt, 2nd of August 2017[1]


Information or items discovered in the Deadlands map before the release of The Upper Heartlands map should be disregarded[1]

Additionally, some older maps from before Update 0.20 may no longer be accurate, but they can still serve as a reference for certain pieces of older lore and provide insight into locations outside the playable area. To view these maps, visit the Lore Maps section and compare them with the current World Map.

Finally, it's important to establish the definition of Foxhole lore. Lore in Foxhole refers to information about the history and factions of the war that is found within the game or on the Foxhole website. This lore is created and implemented solely by the developers, with little to no input from players. It is often presented in the form of special locations, item descriptions, or unique items. It's worth noting that the lore in the game is derived from fictional characters with their own beliefs, which may result in biased lore pieces that favor a particular faction.

World and Theme

Foxhole is set in an alternate universe, drawing inspiration from early 20th-century warfare and technology. The game is entirely fictional, despite some misconceptions that it takes place during World War I or II. The developers have made it clear that Foxhole is not a simulator for these wars. Instead, their goal is to provide players with an immersive experience that captures the essence of war in these eras, incorporating grounded combat and strategies from those times.[2]

The Factions in Foxhole are not affiliated with any real-world armies, and they do not correspond to forces such as the Allies and Axis from World War 2. However, they may draw inspiration from actual militaries. Furthermore, it is important to note that neither faction is depicted as superior or morally superior to the other. [2] While some of the lore pieces in the game may be biased, as a whole, they offer a more comprehensive perspective without favoring either faction.

The Wardens and Colonials are fictional factions from the alternate universe that Foxhole takes place in. They are not representative of any nation/group from real history and neither faction serves as the "good guys" or "bad guys" in the world.
Foxhole's official website FAQ[2]

Universe Timeline

Currently, our knowledge of the historical timeline and the scale of time in the Foxhole universe is very limited. While we can gather a basic understanding of the order of major events and periods, it remains a simplified understanding at best.


  • Blue: The blue time-block refers to a period known as "Less sophisticated times" in the game, according to the map description of "Weathered Expanse".[3] During this period, the great north-east bulwark and its three gates defended the passage and halls from northern invaders. However, it is unclear what the technological levels of Caoiva were at this time.
  • Cyan: The two cyan time-blocks signify an enigmatic period that has yet to be fully understood. In the first block, there are allusions to Caoiva's flourishing trade and economy, which appear to have been significant (e.g., in the Endless Shore map description)[4]. Conversely, the second cyan block is regarded as a time of post-war devastation when much of the world's history and technological advancements were lost.
  • Green: The period leading up to the Great Wars is shrouded in mystery, with limited information available about the events that took place. According to various sources, there were differing views about the cause of the conflicts. The author of Inner Haven described it as a "cowardly attack" by the Wardens[5], while a Warden Soldier cited "aggressive Colonial expansion northwards." Meanwhile, Caoiva was reportedly expanding its trade and the Bulwark in the south was being constructed. Other events during this time include the formation of an alliance between Veli and Mesea for protection from Caoivish trade expansion and Colonial attempts to sow discord among highlanders south of the wall in Westgate.
  • Orange: The Great Wars, or possibly, "The Great War" were a series of wars over an extensive period of time that resulted in the downfall of Caoiva. Aside from the "Boreal Wars," no other conflicts within this collection have been given a specific name.
  • Red: It is possible that two separate or combined events occurred during the Great Wars. Firstly, there may have been a naval/amphibious push into the western shore of Caoiva, potentially resulting in the initial occupation of Fisherman's Row. Secondly, there was an event referred to as "The Breaching," where the Colonial legion broke through the southern Bulwark. The exact placement of these events on the timeline is unclear, but it is assumed to be in the early to mid-stage of the Great Wars, before the Colonial Legions advanced further north into Caoivish territory. During this time, Legate Silas Maro appeared to be leading the Colonial Military on this front.
  • Brown: According to the game's lore, the Wardens were defeated by the Colonial Legion led by Thea Maro and lost control of the Deadlands. They were forced to retreat to Callahan's Passage[6] where they made a final stand after being ousted from their capital, which is described in the Deadlands map[7]. Additionally, Inner Haven vol. 1 references the loss of "Sun's Haven", which is now known as the Abandoned Ward.[5]
  • Purple: The Boreal Wars, also known as the Northern Wars (boreal meaning "north"), took place towards the end of the Great Wars,[8] as noted in the Colonial's Hatchet "H5" Tank description. The war was fought in Caoiva' northern snowy and mountainous terrain, possibly near Whedon's Row, but it is unclear if it was the last conflict of the Great Wars.
  • Yellow: The current era in which the game takes place is set after the post-war destruction. This period is marked by a significant loss of technology for both factions due to the destruction. The duration of the ongoing conflict is uncertain, and it is unclear whether it can be viewed as a continuation of the Great Wars.

The Wardens and The Colonials

Main article: Factions

The Wardens

The Wardens were the former inhabitants of most of Caoiva (pronounced "See-va"), the current playable world map. Their uniforms are blue and seem to be inspired by the French WWI uniform [9]. Their former capital was Sun's Haven, but it was destroyed in the war, and since then, the Wardens have been operating from their off-map capital of Whedon's Row. They take pride in their former general, Callahan, whose name can be found in various lore pieces and as map locations. It is known that their nation was a trading nation and presumably, given its size, an empire.

The Colonials

The motives of the Colonials are slightly more mysterious as they can be described as either invaders or liberators depending on the author of the information. The Colonials wear green and dark tan uniforms with dark green shoulder capes. There are two Legates, Silas and Thea Maro (Silas's great-granddaughter),[5] named for the Colonials. They hail from the south and are presumed to be from several nations tied in an alliance or confederacy. Various locations, such as Mesea, Veli, and the industrialized western city-state of Dimiourg, are mentioned in association with the Colonials.


Due to the destruction or loss of information and technology from the past, little is known about the people who influenced the world in which Foxhole is set. However, the game world, maps, and item/artwork descriptions contain small pieces of information that can be discovered. For instance, some of the region maps feature place names that suggest they were named after individuals. While some of the names are listed below, the name "Sun" is excluded for now, as although "Sun's Hollow" implies ownership, it is likely related to the "Path to the Sun." Additionally, some intriguing place names do not have any evidence indicating that they were named after anyone.


portraitc.png as found in the game files. This is assumed to be a portrait of Callahan.

Callahan, the most prominent figure in Foxhole, has numerous places and entire regions named after him. Vol.8 of Inner Haven sarcastically refers to him as the "great" leader of the Caoivish. Two statues in his likeness flank the southern bridge of Abandon Ward, and the plaques describe his role in leading Caoiva to economic prosperity, as well as his diplomatic and militaristic capabilities.[10] In the statue, Callahan is portrayed on horseback, donning a general's uniform, a full beard, and a sword on his belt. This sword possibly gave its name to The Blade and Pommel Annex located to the west of Callahan's Belt.

Screenshot of the statues south of Abandoned Ward.

Silas Maro

Silas Maro, a Legate of the Colonial Legion, is credited as the first person to have set foot on the ruins of the Bulwark after the Breach. His great-granddaughter is Thea Maro. Silas was assassinated during the battle of Sunhaven, which is now known as Abandoned Ward[11]. Additionally, there is a regiment named after him, known as the Swords of Maro.[12][13]


Thea Maro

Thea Maro, the great-granddaughter of Silas Maro, was raised to become an expert tactician and possessed exceptional natural gifts. She ultimately led the Colonial Army in taking over the center of Caoiva. However, there is some dispute over how effective she truly was. While Inner Havens praised her for her swift and decisive leadership[11], some, like Christos[14], doubted her true capabilities. It is assumed that Thea led the Swords of Maro herself. Additionally, she was offered a position in the high council representing Veli, but she declined the offer and chose to stay in the military.[11]

Closer-up Vol1.png


The Smuggler is a character mentioned in the lore, known for his enterprising nature and operation of a smuggling network between the northern and southern parts of the continent. The Smuggler's Cove and Smuggler's Fort are locations where some of his wares can be found. He smuggles various items, including jerky from Fisherman's Row and tobacco from Therízo. It remains unclear whether the Smuggler is still alive to this day.



As a Warden stowaway, Morgan, killed two colonial guards using her own knife in order to escape to Westgate. Her plan was to steal a truck and head north through the Heartlands, ultimately returning to Fisherman's Row with reinforcements to rescue other captives. She left a note for the colonials, signed under the alias "M," beside a burnt-out logistics truck.

Morgan Journal Entry.jpg

Warden Recruitment Poster.png

Colonial Author

The author of the Inner Haven volumes has written at least 12 volumes, but only four of them have been recovered so far, as stated in Inner Haven - References.

Young, Talented Engineer

During the Boreal Wars, a Colonial from an industrialized western city-state named Dimiourg developed the H-Class Hatchet "H5" Light Tank, as described in the H5 desc.

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Specific lore pieces:

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