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About the Lore

The lore of Foxhole is not presented as a clear narrative, but must be pieced together through numerous hidden lore pieces, landmarks, and stories both in and outside the game. Due to this, there is a lot of room for theorising and personal interpretation. Understanding of the lore is also prone to drastically change as new pieces of information are revealed.

The purpose of this Wiki wiki is to give a clear and objective view of the lore, but may become outdated if not properly kept. It is also recommended to check the sources yourself and form your own ideas. For those wishing to engage in debate and discussion with other people, there exists a dedicated lore channel on the Foxhole Official Discord.

As a disclaimer, Foxhole's timeline is fictional and no character, faction, or event is made to directly parallel real world history.

Latest Lore Chapter

Read the latest chapter of A Chronicle of Ashes here!


'A Chronicle of Ashes' is a series of short stories exploring the extended Foxhole universe. These are unrelenting tales of human struggle in the face of apathy and violence, borne by a world in a constant state of war.
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