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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Foxhole features a wide variety of weapons that are able to be used with Ammunition.

General Info

Like every other item in the game, weapons and their ammo are produced by players in Factories or Mass Production Factories.

Each weapon has its own purpose and some are ideal in certain situations whilst some are not. Submachine guns for example have a high rate of fire but low accuracy meaning they are great for close-quarter engagements but are significantly worse at longer ranges.

Weapons each have their own weight which is important to consider when selecting your load-out. As an example the machine guns weigh a considerable amount and if one chooses to have a secondary weapon also you will want to keep the amount of magazines low so as to not become encumbered.

The heavier weapons also apply an additional slowdown effect when wielded. It's recommended to holster it or switch to your secondary when you want to move.

Each weapon deals damage of a particular Damage Type. The type defines how good or bad the weapon is against certain targets (armored vehicles, infantry, structures) depending on their Damage Resistance. For example, the Anti-Tank Rifle deals Anti-Tank Kinetic damage which is very good against armored vehicles, can kill infantry but cannot harm structures.

As wars progress new weapon technologies are unlocked.

There is no hip fire in Foxhole, you need to aim before you can fire.

Default Controls

  • Right Click: Aim
  • Left Click: Fire
  • R: Reload
  • F: Switch fire mode / attach bayonet (if applicable)


Firearms in foxhole are hitscan weapons. The tracers you see when firing are purely visual effects that do not match the actual trajectory of your bullets. The accuracy of a firearm at a given moment is shown by the size of your crosshair. The white aiming line starts fading past a firearm's effective range. The ammo they use represent magazines, not individual bullets. Reloading discards the old magazine.


Weapons that are thrown by hand.

Explosive Charges

Explosives that must be deployed by hand. Deployment takes a few seconds.


Launchers are weapons that fire slow-moving explosive projectiles (not hitscan weapons).


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