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Every item in the game has a weight. When the player puts items in their backpack or equips them their encumbrance increases. Encumbrance also increases when mud Muddy Status UI Icon.png accumulates on your soldier from moving on muddy terrain during Rain Storm.

Encumbrance is displayed as a percentage in the top right of the backpack menu.

Soldier's encumbrance in their backpack inventory

Effect on Players

Encumbrance directly affects the player's movement speed.

Being above certain encumbrance levels gives special Status Effects:

HUD Icon name Encumbrance Effects
White backpack.png Encumbered 66% - 99% None
Encumbered Red.png Overencumbered 100% and more

Increased stamina consumption rate
Walking consumes stamina (proportional to weight amount above 100%)
Cannot enter vehicles
Player collapses for a moment if stamina bar goes under 20% and turns red

Past 100%, more encumbrance keep increasing stamina consumption rate but the speed won't decrease anymore.

Effect on Vehicles

Some vehicles have encumbrance, visible in their inventory menu. Item encumbrance in a vehicle inventory is 5.45 times lower than in a player's inventory (e.g. an item that weighs 54.5% on a soldier weighs 10% in a vehicle). The encumbrance of players in the vehicle and the fuel in the fueltank do not count towards the encumbrance of the vehicle.

The encumbrance affects the vehicle's speed and acceleration. A vehicle is slowed down the more encumbrance it has, however additional encumbrance past 100% has no effect. The effects of encumbrance on top speed is different for each vehicle, you can review the top speed of each vehicle at 0%, 50%, and 100% encumbrance in Movement Speed.

The encumbrance does NOT affect fuel consumption.

List of vehicles affected by encumbrance: