R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher

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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

A truck fitted with an advanced rocket propulsion rack, the “Retiarius” webs the sky with deadly, screeching rockets shot at a high frequency over long distances. Holds sixteen rockets.
In-game description

The R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher (also known as a Katyusha) is a mid-game Colonial Truck specially designed for rocket artillery> it is equipped with a Rocket Battery for 3C-High Explosive Rockets.

General Info


The R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher houses a crew of two soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
    • Able to deploy/undeploy the vehicle - press F
    • Controls the azimuth of the Rocket Battery - must move the entire vehicle
  • Gunner (Seat 2)
    • Controls the reloading, and firing of the Rocket Battery
    • Uses the Mouse Scroll Wheel to adjust the firing distance


The R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher is equipped with one main armament:

  • 3C-High Explosive Rocket Battery
    • Mounted on the back (cannot rotate)
    • Ammo Used: 3C-High Explosive Rocket
    • Reload Duration: 3.5 seconds per projectile
    • Range: 225-350 meters
    • Fire Rate: 15 per minute (reloading after each shot); Salvo of 16 in 6 seconds
    • Magazine Size: 16
    • Vehicle must be deployed to fire
    • Accuracy: 25m radius at minimum range up to 41.5m at max range (not including Wind effect)


It has a dedicated ammo slot that can hold one 3C-High Explosive Rocket.


  • It is the only truck that cannot interact with structures.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Small Assembly Station (Battery Line) 70 x Processed Construction Materials ProcessedConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
10 x  Assembly Materials I AssemblyMaterials1Icon.png
8 x  Assembly Materials III AssemblyMaterials3Icon.png
2 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x   R-1 Hauler R-1 Hauler Vehicle Icon.png
 R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher R-17 Retiarius Skirmisher Vehicle Icon.png 00:05:00

Must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


Unlike most artillery emplacements and vehicles, the R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher is capable of being operated by one crew member, who can act as both the Driver and Gunner. The only limitation to this strategy is that the loading of all the rockets takes twice as long compared to doing it with two players.

Due to being an unarmored vehicle, the R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher is vulnerable to small arms fire, which can damage, and potentially destroy the vehicle. Great care must be taken in order to ensure its safety. In order to change the azimuth, the entire vehicle must be rotated, which reduces the overall flexibility of the vehicle, especially when working in small environments with tight corners.

Although its mobile, it should follow standard artillery defensive precautions, and set up a defensive perimeter around it to protect it from enemy infantry, vehicles, or counter-artillery. (unless its being used in hit-and-run tactics)

Rocket Artillery Strategy
All equipment that uses rockets excel at burst damage, compared to regular 120mm artillery, which are suited for sustained barrages. Due to the rocket's relatively low damage and their high dispersion, they are most effective when attacking in groups, as the large volume of rockets increases the chances of hitting targets. Additionally, every rocket has a chance of setting their target on fire, preventing them from being repaired (though the 4C-Fire Rockets have a higher chance of doing this).

Nearly all rocket vehicles can be reloaded prior to their actual deployment, meaning it is possible to do hit-and-run tactics with them. This can be done by loading up the vehicle with rockets, driving to the location, fire all of them, and evacuate before any enemy QRF forces arrive.


  • Like all artillery equipment, rockets can be quickly submitted into them without accessing their inventory
    • While this can be done for all vehicles, it should only be done if they can carry/use large items
  1. Equip the rocket and walk up to the vehicle
  2. Submit the rocket into the vehicle - press V


  • The R-17 “Retiarius” Skirmisher closely resembles the BM-13 Katyusha Rocket Artillery of the Soviet Union during World War II. It is well-known for the distinctive noise it creates when the rockets are launched.