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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

Resources are items used to produce equipment and to construct, refuel, and repair Vehicles and Structures. They are stored under the FacilitiesResourceIcon.png section of base stockpiles. They can be categorized in four groups: Raw Resources, Materials, Large Materials, and Supplies.

Raw Resources

Raw Resources are mined from Resource Fields in the world or obtained from Resource Mines. They need to be refined into usable materials at a Refinery. Wreckage is the exception as it is obtained from Rare Resource Nodes and sorted using right click context menu at a Refinery rather than refined. Components can alternatively be transformed into Concrete Materials in a Concrete Mixer.


Materials are obtained by refining raw resources at a Refinery (or at a Concrete Mixer for Concrete Materials). They are used in construction and production. They can be packed in to crate and unpacked via the right click context menu when in the inventory of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Shipping Container.

Construction & Production Materials

These materials are used to build/upgrade structures, and produce various items and vehicles. Certain vehicles do not require these materials, and are constructed with other materials.

Facility Materials

These materials are only used or produced in various Facilities, either as outputs or consumed in order to produce different materials.

Technology Materials

Materials used to advance the Technology. These materials are refined in a Refinery from either Aluminum, Copper, or Iron. They are only used in the Engineering Center to progress the tech tree and unlock new vehicles, structures, and weaponry.


Materials used to fuel most vehicles and structures (such as Resource Mines, and Engine Rooms).

Certain vehicles do not use Diesel or Petrol, and require different fuels in order to operate.

Large Materials

Large Materials are construction materials used to build certain defensive structures. They can be produced in crates at a Factory, or in certain Facilities with certain upgrades. They are Large Items that need to be carried individually. (Large Items being carried are visible shown on the player's model)


Supplies are resources stored and consumed by Bases. They have no function outside of them.

Soldier Supplies are categorized as a Medical item but act as supplies.

Flowchart of materials
Basic Flowchart of materials. Click to enlarge image.

For more information, read the Community guide on logistics or select one of the materials below to read more.