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Utility items are tools and equipments that help you in the war. They are produced at Factories.

Equipment List

Icon Name Cost
Units produced per Crate
Encumbrance Uses
Binoculars 75 Basic Materials.png 5 1% Seeing further, Spotting enemies for Artillery
Gas Mask Filter Icon.png
Gas Mask Filter 100 Basic Materials.png 20 3% Protects from Green Ash if you have a Gas Mask
Gas Mask.png
Gas Mask 160 Basic Materials.png 20 3% Protects from Green Ash if you have a Gas Mask Filter installed
Hammer 4% Mining Salvage, Repairing Vehicles and Structures, Building structures.
Listening Kit Icon.png
Listening Kit 150 Basic Materials.png 5 54% steal Map Intelligence from nearby enemy structures that produce intel.
Radio backpacks.png
Radio Backpack 150 Basic Materials.png 5 27% Update & Record Map Intelligence, Transmit Rocket Launch coordinates.
Radio 75 Basic Materials.png 5 0.3% Updates Map Intelligence for the player.
Shovel 200 Basic Materials.png 10 18% Digging Trenches and Bunkers
Sledge Hammer.png
Sledge Hammer 200 Basic Materials.png 10 18% Mining Components and Sulfur, Mines Salvage faster than a Hammer.
Tripod 100 Basic Materials.png 5 40% A mount point for mounted weapons and items.
Water Bucket 80 Basic Materials.png 50 1.8% Extinguishing fires
Wrench 75 Basic Materials.png 5 5% Unlocks Vehicles, dismantles Barbed Wire, Anti-Tank Mines and Tank Traps

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