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Medical is a catch-all term to describe medical items and large items that are either produced at Factories in the "Medical" MedicalIcon.png category, or are produced on the battlefield (from Critically Wounded Soldiers).

List of Medical Items


Factories are the primary source to produce Medical Items (except Critically Wounded Soldiers), and are produced as crates. In order to unpack them, they must be deposited into a Base's stockpile, where they will be turned into individual items that can be retrieved and used by players.

The Battlefield


Medical Items are used in a variety of ways, with all of them revolving around players and their varying states of health.

Healing Players

First Aid Kits are used to heal the injuries of other players still capable of walking. They have 10 charges that are progressively consumed when healing. Once empty, Kits automatically replenish all their charges by consuming a Bandages from the player's inventory.

Reviving Players

Trauma Kits are used to revive Wounded Players lying on the ground. They have 1 charge that is consumed when reviving a soldier. Once empty, Kits automatically replenish their charge by consuming a Blood Plasma from the player's inventory. Wounded Players can only be revived for a certain amount of time. If their timer runs out or they "give up", they will die and drop all their items. This timer is paused while the Wounded Player is being carried.

Respawning Players

Soldier Supplies are a type supplies stored in Bases to allow players to respawn there after death (if they have set their spawn there). Each respawn consumes one Soldier Supplies. They have no use outside of Bases so they should NEVER be removed from them (with the VERY NARROW exceptions of "overstocking").

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