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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.57) of the game. It was last updated for 1.56.

Designed for underwater deployment, Sea Mines detonate upon contact with enemy vessels. They deteriorate after 48 days.
In-game description

The E680-S Rudder Lock is a deployable Sea Mine used against underwater Naval Vehicles, such as Submarines.



It can only be deployed in deep water, at a depth between 15 and 30 meters.

It explodes on contact with a submerged vessel (regardless of its faction) and deals 1350 High Explosive damage.

A deployed mine despawns after 48 hours (48 in-game days) if it isn't triggered.

Unlike the Anti-Tank Mine, the Sea Mine is always visible by everyone and appears in green if deployed by allies or in red if deployed by enemies.

It cannot be deployed near Region borders.

The mine explodes on contact with any armored vehicle (ie, any vehicle that would also trigger a landmine), including tanks that fall into the water. This can sometimes be used to (expensively) clear a path through a minefield.


In order to deploy the E680-S Rudder Lock, the player must:

  1. Equip it from their inventory - press 3
  2. Aim at the desired location (must be within 10 meters of player) - 'hold RMB
  3. Select the desired deployment depth (between 15 and 30 meters) - Mouse Scroll Wheel
  4. Plant the satchel directly on the target - press LMB

This starts the deployment animation (4 seconds) which will place the Sea Mine after the animation ends.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Ammunition Factory 1 x  Construction Materials ConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
8 x  Heavy Explosive Powder HeavyExplosiveMaterialsIcon.png
4 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x  E680-S Rudder Lock SeaMineIcon.png 00:01:30

Tier 2 Facilities must be fully researched in the Weapons and Structure IconFilterWeaponsStructures.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

E680-S Rudder Lock in Facility personal orders can be retrieved as crates with RMB > "Retrieve as crate".


The E680-S Rudder Lock does not stack in inventories (1 per slot).

It is a Large Item, a soldier can only carry one at a time on their shoulder.

It can be stored in Base stockpiles (32,000 max) but also in Material Pallets (60), Rooster - Tumblebox Trailer (20), Material Transfer Stations (1000), or Storage Rooms (100).

E680-S Rudder Lock crates can be stored in the stockpile of a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Storage Ship. Crates can be submitted to any stockpile that accept E680-S Rudder Locks to transfer their content into it.


Given its minimum depth of 15 meters a submarine can avoid mines by going close to the surface.

Deploying Sea Mines next to a destroyed drawbridge ensures that Submarines won't be able to pass through.


  • When the E680-S Rudder Lock was introduced in 1.54 Naval Warfare, it was Colonial-exclusive. This was due to them not having any ships that could trigger them. This was changed in Update 1.56, when the Colonials got their submarine, meanimg that Wardens had a underwater vehicle they could attack with Sea Mines.