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Ammunition is used by Weapons, Vehicles, and player manned defenses. Garrisoned defenses do not need ammunition. Each ammo type may or may not stack in player's inventory depending on their uniform, and in vehicle or structure's inventory depending on their type.


Magazines contain multiple bullets. The amount of bullets in a given magazine type vary depending on which weapon is using it. Reloading a weapon discards the old magazine.


Shells are ammunition for various cannons that travel instantly and in a straight line.

Artillery Ammo

Artillery Ammo are ammunition for Artillery weapons. They are indirect fire projectiles that take a couple seconds to land. They have an inherent inaccuracy that increases with range and their trajectory is affected by the Wind.

Propelled Explosives

Propelled explosives are ammunition used by certain launchers. These projectiles travel slowly enough that players can see them fly in the air. They are affected by gravity.


Certain grenades can be used as ammo by certain weapons.

Flamethrower Ammo

Tanks of incendiary liquid must be equiped on the backpack slot are used with infantry Flamethrowers. They automatically disappear when empty.


Depth Charges