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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Foxhole offers a wide variety of vehicles and ships for players to operate and use them in various tasks. These range from logistics, to construction, to frontline combat, either in a support role to combat vehicles.

For a more detailed Vehicle Guide:

General Info

Default Controls

  • WASD: Movement
  • Spacebar: Use handbrake
  • Q: Enter/Exit vehicle
  • Shift + Q: Seat Selection Menu (to select the seat you want to get in)
  • Z: Cycle through seats
  • Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/.../9: Switch to a specific seat
  • Left Click: Use horn (if applicable)
  • Shift: Use boost (if applicable)
  • E: Interact (e.g. open a gate)
  • F: Toggle mode (if applicable)
  • L: Lock vehicle

Inventory & Armament

Certain vehicles are equipped with armament, where the player needs to sit in a specific seat to use the weapon. Vehicle-mounted weapons operate much like infantry weapons, however the ammunition must be placed inside the vehicle's inventory.

Vehicles can have two types of slots:

  • Inventory Slots can store any type of item, with certain items stacking up to 100
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots are a type of slot that can only hold one type of ammo to certain amount

Damage & Repair

When vehicles are damaged and their health drops below a certain threshold (which is different for certain vehicles), they become disabled and are unable to move around. When the vehicle's health reaches zero, it is destroyed and explodes, killing any players inside of it (the explosion is harmless to players outside). The vehicle's wreck will disappear after a few seconds and a temporary box appears under it, containing the items that were in the vehicle's inventory. There is no collision damage in Foxhole, with the exception of large-gauge Trains and Large Ships, so ramming does not work. However, non-amphibious land vehicles will be destroyed if they fall into deep bodies of water.

How much damage a projectile deals to a vehicle depends on the vehicle's damage resistance and the projectile's damage amount and damage type

Damaged vehicles can be slowly repaired in the field using a hammer and Basic Materials but can also be instantly repaired at a Garage MapIconVehicle.png for 100 Basic Materials.

Certain armored vehicles have an Armor System which can be damaged in combat and only repaired at a Garage, and some have damageable subsystems which get repaired when the vehicle's health reaches 100%.

Most vehicles get automatically deleted if left unused in the world for 3 days.


There are mostly two fuel types used in Foxhole: Diesel ResourceFuelIcon.png and Petrol RefinedFuelIcon.png. Diesel is the most basic fuel, while Petrol is a slightly more logistically intensive. Both fuels can be used in nearly every vehicle, by switching the fuel type in the vehicle's menu.

Certain vehicles, such as Battle Tanks, Super Tanks, Locomotives, Small Train Locomotives, and Large Cranes use other kinds of fuel, which have their own logistical requirements.


Most vehicles can be packaged (via vehicle menu button), and lifted by a Crane. While there are certain vehicles that cannot be shipped, most vehicles can be transported to another location via Flatbed Truck, Barge, Freighter, or a Locomotive with a Flatbed Car connected to it, to move them from place to place at a faster rate. Some unpropelled vehicles can also be towed. Most vehicles can be stored in a Storage Depot or Seaport, but this only applies to 'standard' vehicles and will not be stored if they're not empty, non-prototype, non-upgraded, and not fully repaired (if any of those requirements are not met, the vehicle cannot be submitted into the stockpile).

Shippable vehicle crates can also be stored in there, with the vehicles inside unpacked via the right click menu.

Locking and Squad Reservation

Nearly all vehicles can be locked BtLock.png, (L by default), a mechanic that restricts the vehicle's access to all other players except for the player who locked it. This can only be done from the Driver's seat, or next to one of the vehicle's seat entrances.

Squad Reservation is a mechanic used to reserve a vehicle for a squad, allowing for any squad member to interact with the vehicle, regardless if it is locked or not. As such, players outside of the squad cannot access its inventory. For more info:

See: Squad


Foxhole has a Weather System that has a variety of effects on vehicles, ranging from them slowing down to completely freezing them.


Many vehicles are produced either in a Garage MapIconVehicle.png, Shipyard Shipyard.png with a Hammer and Basic Materials BasicMaterialsIcon.png or Refined Materials RefinedMaterialsIcon.png.

Shippable Crates of packed vehicles can be produced in a Mass Production Factory MapIconMassProductionFactory.png. Each crate contains 3 packed vehicles. Making orders with multiple crates gives a discount on the cost.

Certain vehicles can only be built in certain locations. Motorboats are built on beaches, Construction Vehicles and Cranes are built near Home Bases.

The Small Assembly Station and Large Assembly Station can produce certain vehicles (with the right facility upgrade), sometimes by modifying an existing vehicle for a certain cost.

The larger ships are built at a Dry Dock.

List of Vehicles

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