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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

The “Scorpion” HC-class tank is a moderately armoured infantry support vehicle with twin, high-powered heavy machine guns and short-range radios for improved intelligence support. In addition, exterior seating is available for infantry.
In-game description

The HC-2 “Scorpion” (also known as an IST) is a Colonial Light Infantry Tank designed to support infantry and other combat vehicles against enemy infantry. It is equipped with a radio that gathers intelligence within a 60 meter radius and with two independent 12.7mm machine guns.

General Info


The HC-2 “Scorpion” hold two passengers, and houses a crew of three soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the of movement the vehicle, can see the remaining fuel gauge in the tank
  • Gunner (Right) (Seat 2)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the right Machine Gun
  • Commander/Gunner (Left) (Seat 3)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the left Machine Gun
    • Capable of directing the tank crew, as well as giving them a better overview of the battlefield
    • Can open up the cupola (hatch) by pressing E, which allows the player to use their Secondary Equipment, such as Binoculars
  • Passenger(s) (Seat 1 - 2)*
    • Seated outside the vehicle
    • Can use their secondary equipment

NOTE: The seats of this vehicle are separated into two types; interior seats and exterior seats. Depending on where the player enters, they can only access those types of seats. Seats indicated with a (*) represent the exterior seats of the vehicle.


The HC-2 “Scorpion” is equipped with two main armaments:

  • 2x High Velocity 12.7mm Machine Gun
    • Mounted on the left and right sides of the chassis (115 degree firing arc)
    • Ammo Used: 12.7mm
    • Reload Duration: 5 seconds
    • Effective Range: 35 meters
    • Maximum Range: 40 meters
    • Fire Rate: 200 rounds per minute
    • High velocity barrel increases damage by 20% (66-99 damage)
    • Accuracy: pretty good
    • Stability: Loses accuracy during long bursts


It has 7 inventory slots and one dedicated ammo slot that can hold 60 12.7mm magazines.

Health & Armor

The HC-2 “Scorpion” has 3300 HP and is disabled under 30% health. It has "Heavy Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire, shrapnel, and 12.7mm machine guns, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry are a real threat to it.
It has subsystems that have a chance to be disabled by heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry if hit specifically: Tracks: 30% (Anti-Tank Mines always disable them), Fuel Tank: 20%, Turret/Cannon: 20%, Second Turret/Cannon: 20%.
It has Tank Armor. With it, in best case scenario, penetrating projectiles only have a 30% chance of penetrating and doing damage. That chance goes up quickly if the armor is worn or if it is shot from up close, or on the side or rear from a direct angle, or with ammo that has penetration bonuses.
It takes 160 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health, subsystems, and Tank Armor can be instantly repaired at a Garage for 100 Basic Materials.


  • Automatically gathers Map Intelligence within 60 meter radius every few seconds and transmits it Transmitting UI Icon.png.
    • Only active when driver seat is occupied


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Small Assembly Station (Field Station) 5 x Processed Construction Materials ProcessedConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
10 x  Assembly Materials I AssemblyMaterials1Icon.png
3 x  Assembly Materials IV AssemblyMaterials4Icon.png
2 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x   HC-7 “Ballista” HC-7 Ballista Vehicle Icon.png
 HC-2 “Scorpion” HC-2 Scorpion Vehicle Icon.png 00:03:00

The HC-7 “Ballista” must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The HC-2 “Scorpion” can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


The HC-2 "Scorpion" is best used as a support tank, engaging infantry and suppressing defensive structures with AI. Armed with two 12.7mm Machine Guns, a single IST can support an entire squad of friendly vehicles, and provide them with Map Intelligence when the engagement goes out of map coverage.

Its large inventory capacity grants the IST flexibility as a support vehicle. It can carry a generous amount Basic Materials, ammunition, and fuel in order to support friendly vehicles, extending their engagement periods. It can support battlefield engineers by carrying materials, and support infantry by holding spare ammunition.

It is helpless against tanks, any armored vehicle with AT capabilities, and AT structures. Although it specializes in eliminating infantry, it is vulnerable to infantry AT weapons. ARC/RPG users and flanking enemies can avoid the IST's arcs of fire, and are therefore especially dangerous. Friendly infantry should support the IST by covering its flanks, flushing out hiding spots, and eliminating any enemy infantry carrying AT weaponry. Friendlies carrying radios can take advantage of the Map Intelligence provided by the IST to protect it from sneaky foes.

Unique among all tanks, the IST costs construction materials to upgrade its tier rather than processed construction materials. Therefore, the best way to increase survivability of the vehicle is to upgrade it to Tier 3, which will cheaply and substantially increase its health. Doing so will give the tank as much health as a Bardiche, making it one of the tankiest vehicles in the Colonial arsenal.

Standard Equipment Loadout
Like with every other armored vehicle, the crew should ALWAYS equip themselves with a Gas Mask and multiple Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades. Additionally, they should bring a Hammer and Basic Materials to repair the tank. These tactics can be buffed by wearing either a Tank Uniform or an Engineer Uniform.


  • The HC-2 "Scorpion" was the first tank in the game that has external seats. This was followed by the Lance-46 “Sarissa”, with it having four seats.
  • When "vetting" was reworked (with the introduction of the Field Modification Center), the HC-2 "Scorpion" was the only combat vehicle that required Construction Materials to upgrade, making it extremely cheap to upgrade it to Tier 3.
    • It's initial cheap upgrade cost(s) was likely due to the Devs wanting to increase the number of ISTs used in combat, saying in the Update 1.50 ('Inferno') Dev Stream that they hoped to see ISTs "being fielded more than twice". This upgrade cost could also be due to the fact that its stats were never updated to fit its new role in late-game combat (its initial stats were only suited for mid-game combat against half-tracks and ACs).
    • This was later changed in Update 1.54 ('Naval Warfare'), when the HC-7 “Ballista” was buffed, making it an actual counterpart to the Silverhand Chieftain - Mk. VI (prior to its buff, the Ballista was teched one tier prior to it).
    • Due to the base chassis being buffed, the upgrade cost was changed accordingly, making it more expensive to upgrade.

Historical Reference

  • The concept of the Infantry Tank was developed by the United Kingdom and France during the Inter-war period (after World War I and the years leading up to World War II). See Infantry Tank.
  • The HC-2 "Scorpion" resembles the Panzer I (a German Light Tank armed with a dual machine guns housed in the turret). However, the Panzer I's machine guns could not be aimed independently, and only had two crew members.
  • The tactic of tank-riding was first used by the Soviets in World War II, in which Soviet infantry would ride on top of their tanks, then quickly dismounted when they approached the frontlines.