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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

This “Javelin” variant is fitted with a 360 degree mortar platform, designed to support infantry in frontline operations.
In-game description

The HH-d “Peltast” (also known as a Mortar Half-Track or MHT) is a Colonial Half-track equipped with a Mortar Tube.

General Info


The HH-d “Peltast” holds one passenger, and houses a crew of three soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
  • Commander (Seat 2)
    • Capable of directing the crew, as well as giving them a better overview of the battlefield
    • Can open up the hatch by pressing E, which allows the player to use their secondary, such as binoculars
  • Gunner (Seat 1)*
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the Mortar Tube
    • Uses the Mouse Scroll Wheel to adjust the firing distance
    • Switch ammo types by pressing F

NOTE: The seats of this vehicle are separated into two types; interior seats and exterior seats. Depending on where the player enters, they can only access those types of seats. Seats indicated with a (*) represent the exterior seats of the vehicle.


The HH-d “Peltast” is equipped with one main armament:

  • Mortar
    • Mounted on a rotating platform on the back (can rotate 360 degrees, turns 30° per second)
    • Ammo Used: Mortar Shell, Shrapnel Mortar Shell, Flare Mortar Shell
    • Reload Duration: 3 seconds per projectile
    • Range: 45-80 meters
    • Fire Rate: 13.3 per minute
    • Accuracy: 2.5m radius at minimum range up to 9.45m at max range (not including Wind effect)


It has 1 inventory slot and 3 dedicated ammo slots that can hold: 20 Mortar Shells, 20 Mortar Shrapnel Shells, and 10 Mortar Flare Shells.

Health & Armor

The HH-d “Peltast” has 1350 HP and is disabled under 30% health. It has "Light Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire and shrapnel, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But it won't last long when faced with 12.7mm machine guns, heavy explosives, or anti-tank weaponry.
It has subsystems that have a chance to be disabled by heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry if hit specifically: Tracks: 30% (Anti-Tank Mines always disable them).
It has Tank Armor. With it, in best case scenario, penetrating projectiles only have a 75% chance of penetrating and doing damage. That chance goes up quickly if the armor is worn or if it is shot from up close, or on the side or rear from a direct angle, or with ammo that has penetration bonuses.
It takes 95 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health, subsystems, and Tank Armor can be instantly repaired at a Garage for 100 Basic Materials.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Small Assembly Station (Battery Line) 5 x Processed Construction Materials ProcessedConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
5 x  Assembly Materials II AssemblyMaterials2Icon.png
3 x  Assembly Materials IV AssemblyMaterials4Icon.png
2 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x   HH-a “Javelin” HH-a Javelin Vehicle Icon.png
 HH-d “Peltast” HH-d Peltast Vehicle Icon.png 00:05:00

Must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The HH-d “Peltast” can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


Due to its armament, the HH-d "Peltast" can be used either as a short-range artillery piece, or an infantry support role. The vehicle has the ammo capacity allowing it to provide enough firepower to damage small defensive structures, as well as having enough ammo for anti-infantry tactics, such as attacking them directly, or illuminating their position.

If the crew ever comes into a dangerous situation (either from artillery retaliation, or being flanked by enemy infantry), the crew should rely on the vehicle's mobility to escape. This is especially true if they are equipped with AT weaponry, where the damage to them will either slow it down, disable it, or outright kill it.

Due to being classified as an artillery piece, the rounds are affected by wind and dispersion, so either the Gunner or Spotter needs to pay attention to where their shots are landing (preferably with binoculars) in order to make sure their shots are hitting their targets.

Mortar Strategy
Mortar weaponry, while good, has low High Explosive damage, meaning that a single mortar tube is typically not enough to destroy larger defensive structures, such as bunker pieces. Additionally, due to it able to fire HE rounds, it will get retaliated by bunker pieces with Howitzer Garrisons connected to it. Due it placement in the tech tree, it is more likely the mortar crew will face up against these types of targets.

As such crews will need to choose their targets wisely, or face near-certain destruction. If they are unable to, then an infantry support role is highly recommended.

Standard Equipment Loadout
Like with every other armored vehicle, the crew should ALWAYS equip themselves with a Gas Mask and multiple Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades. Additionally, they should bring a Hammer and Basic Materials to repair the vehicle. These tactics can be buffed by wearing either a Tank Uniform or an Engineer Uniform.

Despite being used in a support role (i.e. behind the actual frontline), crews should still equip themselves in case they are out-flanked. For the Gunner, it is possible for them to forgo the Basic Materials in order to hold more mortar shells.


  • The HH-d “Peltast” was the first self-propelled artillery piece added to Foxhole (excluding Gunboats)
  • According to the game's animation files, the minimum angle for the Peltast's mortar when firing is 35 degrees, and the maximum angle is 85 degrees
  • A Peltast was a type of light infantry common in ancient Greece


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