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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

A container car for transporting coal to refuel trains over long-distance trips.
In-game description

The BMS Rockhold (also known as a Container Car) is a train car designed to hold additional fuel for the BMS Black Bolt in order to travel longer distances.

General Info


The BMS Rockhold does not require a crew to operate.


The BMS Rockhold is not equipped with a main armament.


It has 15 inventory slots that can only hold raw resources, primarily coal (stacks up to 100).

Engine & Mobility

  • Uses no fuel
  • Can only move on Railway Tracks, must be placed on tracks with a crane
  • Cannot move on its own, requires a Locomotive connected to it to be moved
  • Can ram and destroy any structures (such as deployed Tripods) in its path
  • Instantly destroys any unarmored vehicle in its path if there are no friendly soldiers inside of them
  • Does not trigger Anti-Tank Mines


  • Couple two cars together - hold Shift + E and press Couple Cars (they must be touching/close together)
  • Decouple two connected cars - requires a Wrench used in the area between the two cars
  • Extracted by the Locomotive to boost its speed - requires the BMS Rockhold to be directly connected to it

A train can have up to 15 cars connected, Locomotive(s) included.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Large Assembly Station 20 x Processed Construction Materials ProcessedConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
15 x  Assembly Materials II AssemblyMaterials2Icon.png
5 x  Assembly Materials III AssemblyMaterials3Icon.png
8 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
 BMS Rockhold TrainCoalCarVehicleIcon.png 00:30:00

The BMS Black Bolt must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The BMS Rockhold cannot be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


The BMS Rockhold is a vital part of a Locomotive, as it ensures the train does not run out of fuel on its way to a destination. Due to the somewhat large quantity on coal being consumed by the engine, make sure it is full at all times when traveling to the destination.

Due to the Fireman role in the BMS Black Bolt, it is able to extract coal from this train car in order to boost the Locomotive.


  • Despite its sole purpose of just holding coal for long distance travels, it is also able to other types of raw resources, similar to Resource Containers (excluding technology materials).
  • While there is a "correct" orientation for the BMS Rockhold, the boosting mechanic is not affected by this, as long as its connected to the Locomotive.