H-8 “Kranesca”

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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

The “Kranesca” Light Tank is fitted with an overpowered engine and a reinforced chassis, capable of boosting its top speed at the expense of overall acceleration and maneuverability.
In-game description

The H-8 “Kranesca” is a Colonial Light Tank that possesses a boost capability and is equipped with a 40mm main cannon.

General Info


The H-8 “Kranesca” houses a crew of three soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
    • Able to activate a speed boost to increase the vehicle's speed - press/hold Shift
  • Gunner (Seat 2)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the 40mm main cannon
  • Commander (Seat 3)
    • Capable of directing the crew, as well as giving them a better overview of the battlefield
    • Can open up the hatch by pressing E, which allows the player to use their secondary, such as binoculars


The H-8 “Kranesca” is equipped with one main armament:

  • 40mm Cannon
    • Mounted on a turret (can rotate 360 degrees, turns 35° per second)
    • Ammo Used: 40mm
    • Reload Duration: 5.5 seconds per projectile
    • Range: 40 meters
    • Fire Rate: 8 per minute


It has a dedicated ammo slot that can hold 30 40mm shells.

Health & Armor

The H-8 “Kranesca” has 2250 HP and is disabled under 30% health. It has "Heavy Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire, shrapnel, and 12.7mm machine guns, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry are a real threat to it.
It has subsystems that have a chance to be disabled by heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry if hit specifically: Tracks: 30% (Anti-Tank Mines always disable them), Fuel Tank: 20%, Turret/Cannon: 25%.
It has Tank Armor. With it, in best case scenario, penetrating projectiles only have a 33% chance of penetrating and doing damage. That chance goes up quickly if the armor is worn or if it is shot from up close, or on the side or rear from a direct angle, or with ammo that has penetration bonuses.
It takes 160 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health, subsystems, and Tank Armor can be instantly repaired at a Garage for 100 Basic Materials.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Small Assembly Station (Tank Factory) 5 x Processed Construction Materials ProcessedConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
20 x  Assembly Materials I AssemblyMaterials1Icon.png
5 x  Assembly Materials IV AssemblyMaterials4Icon.png
2 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x   H-5 “Hatchet” H5 Hatchet Vehicle Icon.png
 H-8 “Kranesca” H-8 Kranesca Vehicle Icon.png 00:05:00

The H-5 “Hatchet” must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The H-8 “Kranesca” can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a small Shippable and transported by any Shipping Vehicle (Crane, Flatbed Truck, Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Landing Ships, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


Light Tanks (LTs) are used to assault and flank enemy defenses. They benefit greatly from having infantry support to protect them.

With its boost and fast turret rotation speed, the Kranesca is the perfect tool to flank and close in on an enemy armored vehicle and have your speed catch them by surprise.

The 40mm shell doesn't have a lot of penetrative power, as such when fighting enemy tanks you'll be forced to hit the sides or the rear and at close range to increase your chance to penetrate the armor.

They are vulnerable to Anti-Tank Mines. Although a single mine won't kill them, it will cause big damage and always disable their tracks leaving them vulnerable to enemy Infantry with Anti-Tank weapons. Enemy infantry with Anti-Tank Sticky Bombs also represent a danger because they have a good chance to disable the tracks as well.

Good crew communication and coordination is paramount. The commander must spot targets and threats and relay information and orders to the driver and gunner. Although it is possible to use a Light Tank without a Commander, it's not recommended as it will limit your awareness on the battlefield.

Standard Equipment Loadout
Like with every other armored vehicle, the crew should ALWAYS equip themselves with a Gas Mask and multiple Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades. Additionally, they should bring a Hammer and Basic Materials to repair the tank. These tactics can be buffed by wearing either a Tank Uniform or an Engineer Uniform.


  • The name "Kranesca" is a reference to the Francesca throwing axe used in the Middle Ages, with references to the Franks being instead replaced with the in-game state of Kraunia.
  • While its hull is identical to the H-5 “Hatchet”, the engine bay of the H-8 “Kranesca” features a redesigned exhaust vent
  • The H-8 “Kranesca” was the first Armored vehicle with a boost functionality to be introduced to Foxhole
    • Currently, it is the only Colonial Tank that possess a boost function