T20 “Ixion” Tankette

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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

A bombastic variant of the T12 Tankette, the “Ixion” provides its crew with more support and a mounted Infantry Support Gun. Added weight from the armour results in reduced overall speed.
In-game description

The T20 “Ixion” Tankette (also known as an Ixion or 30mm Tankette) is a Colonial Tankette equipped with a hull-mounted 30mm cannon.

General Info


The T20 “Ixion” Tankette houses a crew of two soldiers:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
    • Activates horn sound with LMB
  • Gunner/Commander (Seat 2)
    • Controls the movement, reloading, and firing of the 30mm cannon
    • Capable of directing the crew, as well as giving them a better overview of the battlefield
    • Can open up the hatch by pressing E, which allows the player to use their secondary equipment, such as binoculars


It is equipped with one main armament:

  • 30mm Cannon
    • Mounted on the hull (90 degree firing arc)
    • Ammo Used: 30mm
    • Reload Duration: 4.5 seconds per projectile
    • Range: 35 meters
    • Fire Rate: 9.2 per minute


It has one inventory slot and a dedicated ammo slot that can hold 35 30mm shells.

Health & Armor

The T20 “Ixion” Tankette has 1350 HP and is disabled under 30% health. It has "Heavy Armor" resistance: it can soak small arms fire, shrapnel, and 12.7mm machine guns, and it is immune to Flamethrowers. But it won't last long when faced with heavy explosives or anti-tank weaponry.
It has subsystems that have a chance to be disabled by heavy explosives and anti-tank weaponry if hit specifically: Tracks: 30% (Anti-Tank Mines always disable them).
It has Tank Armor. With it, in best case scenario, penetrating projectiles only have a 55% chance of penetrating and doing damage. That chance goes up quickly if the armor is worn or if it is shot from up close, or on the side or rear from a direct angle, or with ammo that has penetration bonuses.
It takes 145 Basic Materials to fully repair it from 1% to 100% health with a Hammer. Its health, subsystems, and Tank Armor can be instantly repaired at a Garage for 100 Basic Materials.


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Small Assembly Station (Motor Pool) 10 x Construction Materials ConstructionMaterialsIcon.png
15 x  Assembly Materials I AssemblyMaterials1Icon.png
2 MW of power ProductionPowerIcon.png
1 x   T12 “Actaeon” Tankette T12 Actaeon Tankette Vehicle Icon.png
 T20 “Ixion” Tankette T20 Ixion Tankette Vehicle Icon.png 00:05:00

Must be fully researched in the Vehicle IconFilterVehicle.png Tech Tree in order to be produced.

Storage & Transport

The T20 “Ixion” Tankette can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a small Shippable and transported by any Shipping Vehicle (Crane, Flatbed Truck, Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Landing Ships, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


The T20 “Ixion” Tankette is a well-armed and armored tankette, which is equipped with heavy armor and a gun capable of damaging enemy vehicles and structures. Due to these characteristics, it is capable of shrugging off most infantry weapons, with heavier ammunition, like anti-armor rounds or explosive, being the only ones able to effectively damage it.

Despite its stats, its biggest downside is the short range of the 30mm gun, which must close the gap in order to hit its target. Due to this, friendly infantry must support this vehicle in order to deal damage.

Tankette Effectiveness over the Course of the War
Similar to all tankettes, as soon as heavier anti-armor weapons become more common, (such as anti-tank rifles) the T20 “Ixion” Tankette loses most of its relevance on the front line, as they will quickly be destroyed, as longer ranged weapons prevent the crew from reacting fast enough before being destroyed. However, due to its armament, it is still a formidable opponent when operated by a competent crew.

Standard Equipment Loadout
Like with every other armored vehicle, the crew should ALWAYS equip themselves with a Gas Mask and multiple Filters to avoid dying to Gas Grenades. Additionally, they should bring a Hammer and Basic Materials to repair the tankette. These tactics can be buffed by wearing either a Tank Uniform or an Engineer Uniform.


  • In Greek mythology, Ixion was the king of the Lapiths tribe, who was greatly punished for murdering his father-in-law
  • The Ixion appears to be inspired by various Italian tankette designs, such as the L3/35 series