RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

The “Stolon” Tanker is a heavier R-series rig designed to transport and distribute large quantities of Fuel.
In-game description

The RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker is the Colonial Fuel Tanker. It is a logistical vehicle specially designed to transport large quantities of liquids (such as fuel) and refuel nearby vehicles and structures.

General Info


The RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker holds one passenger, and houses a crew of one soldier:

  • Driver (Seat 1)
    • Controls the movement of the vehicle, and can see the remaining fuel in the vehicle
    • Activates horn sound with LMB
  • Passenger (Seat 2)
    • A seat used to hold/transport players
    • Has no tactical function
    • Due to being in an enclosed vehicle, they cannot use their secondary equipment


The RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker is not equipped with a main armament.


It has 25 inventory slots that can only store liquid resources:


The Dunne Fuelrunner 2d can be interacted with in a few ways:

  • Refuels nearby structures and vehicles - only applies to nearby entities (depending whether they have the correct fuel)
    • The structure/vehicle that wants to be refuel must click the refuel button - able to be canceled with another button
    • Visually shows refueling with a hose connecting them - will stop refueling if they are too far away
  • The Driver can access inventories - press E or Shift + E
    • can pull twice as fast compared to being on foot
    • Able to pull up to up to 3 times the normal amount - press Shift + LMB

NOTE: Due to the vehicle only able to store liquid resources, the items that it can grab from inventories/stockpiles are limited


Structure Input(s) Output Time
Garage 100 x Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker RR-3 Stolon Tanker Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
Mass Production Factory 300 x Basic Materials Basic Materials.png Crate of 3 x  RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker RR-3 Stolon Tanker Vehicle Icon.png 01:23:20

Storage & Transport

The RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker can be stored in a Storage Depot, Seaport or Storage Ship.

It can be packaged into a large Shippable and transported only by certain Shipping Vehicles (Barge, Freighter, Storage Ship, Flatbed Car, or Large Crane).


The RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker is an essential vehicle for Foxhole logistics as it's the few vehicles that can efficiently transport liquids from one point to another. While there are other structures and vehicles that can do this (and at a much higher capacity), it is far easier to move to locations and requires less infrastructure to do so.

Like all structures and vehicles that can refuel, it will keep track of how many liters was extracted from it (i.e. if there was 500L inside, and only 37L was extracted, it now has 463L stored inside). Although it has an internal counter, it is not visibly shown when looking in its inventory/stockpile.

Early-game Facility Logistics
Prior to Tier 2 Facilities unlocking (which includes pipes), Fuel Tankers are extremely useful for supplying liquids to facilities that need them, like the Diesel Power Plant. Using them also cuts down on unnecessary building, which increases msupp consumption. Depending on how long Tier 2 Facilities takes to unlock (which can take between 6-7 days to unlock), not building unnecessary things will reduce burnout of players maintaining them at the start of each war.


  • Prior to their rework in Update 1.50 ('Inferno'), Fuel Tankers were the only mobile structure/vehicle in the game that could transport fuel. This was later changed with the introduction of the Liquid Container, which resulted in Fuel Tankers being nerfed.
    • It had 2 inventory slots, which could stack up to 100 per slot (giving it an effective carrying capacity of 20,000L).