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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Trains are railway vehicles that cannot move outside tracks. Train cars need to be packaged and placed on railways with a Crane then coupled to a locomotive to be moved. There are two sizes of train, Small and Large. All Locomotives run on Coal.


Coupling two train cars is done by placing them close together then pressing Shift + E between them. Uncoupling is done with a Wrench.


Small Trains

Small trains can only be produced at a Small Assembly Station. They are crucial to run a Facility effectively due to players being able to move materials between carts and facility buildings, and collect facility outputs while sitting on a driver seat. They require Small Gauge Railway Tracks and can consist of up to 5 cars (locomotive included).

Large Trains

Large trains can be only be produced at a Large Assembly Station. They are great logistics vehicles that can transport huge shipments of equipments and raw resources over great distances. But they can also be turned into deadly war machines with various combat train cars. They require Railway Tracks and can consist of up to 15 cars (locomotive included). The locomotive can ram and instantly destroy any unarmored vehicle in its path as long as there are no friendly soldier inside them.

List of Large Trains

List of Small Trains


  • Trains cannot derail
  • A train can have two locomotives attached at each end but only one can be used at a time. The driver seat of the second locomotive cannot be entered if the first locomotive has a driver.
  • Locomotives can both pull or push train cars, pushing is half as fast as pulling however
  • Except for locomotives, train cars do not have a disabling point.
  • A large train with the maximum amount of cars can be between 150 and 180 meters long, depending on the type of cars used.