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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

A small-scale vehicle production center.
In-game description

The Garage is a logistical world structure where most land-based vehicles can be built, and all land vehicles can be repaired.


The Garage, as a world structure, have set locations around the map, and can not be built anywhere (i.e. new Garages cannot be constructed anywhere).

If it's destroyed, it can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle and 400 Basic Materials, as long as the nearby Town Base has unlocked the Industry IconUpgradesIndustry.png base upgrade. If it does not have this upgrade unlocked, it cannot be rebuilt.


Building Vehicles

In order to build a vehicle, the player needs to interact with the Garage (by default pressing E). This opens up a menu, where they can select a vehicle they want to build (so long that it is unlocked), and a blueprint of that vehicle will spawn in the middle. Once spawned, they can start building it by using their hammer. Similar to building defenses, players need to have the right materials (either bmats or rmats) in their inventory in order to build it. Up to 3 players can construct a single vehicle at the same time.

Only vehicle models belonging to your Faction and that have been researched can be created at a Garage. If the inside is blocked by players or other vehicles, a vehicle blueprint cannot be placed and built.

Vehicles spawn with 5% fuel (Diesel) inside them.

Repairing Vehicles

The Garage can instantly repair any land vehicle via a button Full Repair Icon.png in the Garage menu. The vehicle must be parked inside the Garage. The action costs 100 Basic Material that must be in the Garage's inventory. Repairing will also reset armor on armored vehicles, and is currently the only way to do so.

NOTE: Repairing vehicles can only be done at a Garage owned by the player's specific faction, and cannot repair armor at a Garage owned by the opposite faction. Additionally, they can only repair vehicles that are producible by the player's faction (i.e. A Colonial cannot repair a captured Silverhand - Mk. IV, as they are not able produce that specific vehicle).

List of Vehicles

Input(s) Output Time
150 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  R-12 - “Salus” Ambulance R-12 - Salus Ambulance Vehicle Icon.png 150 Hammer hits
150 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Dunne Responder 3e Dunne Responder 3e Vehicle Icon.png 150 Hammer hits
25 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  O'Brien V.110 ArmoredCarWarVehicleIcon.png 25 Hammer hits
40 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  O'Brien V.190 Knave ArmoredCarTwinWIcon.png 40 Hammer hits
25 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  T3 “Xiphos” T3 Xiphos Vehicle Icon.png 25 Hammer hits
155 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Silverhand - Mk. IV Silverhand - Mk. IV Vehicle Icon.png 155 Hammer hits
135 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  85K-b “Falchion” 85K-b Falchion Vehicle Icon.png 135 Hammer hits
165 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  86K-a “Bardiche” 86K-a Bardiche Vehicle Icon.png 165 Hammer hits
150 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II Vehicle Icon.png 150 Hammer hits
160 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Noble Widow MK. XIV Noble Widow MK. XIV Vehicle Icon.png 160 Hammer hits
50 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  120-68 “Koronides” Field Gun 120-68 Koronides Field Gun Vehicle Icon.png 25 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  AA-2 Battering Ram AA-2 Battering Ram Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Collins Cannon 68mm Collins Cannon 68mm Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Balfour Wolfhound 40mm Balfour Wolfhound 40mm Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Swallowtail 988/127-2 Swallowtail 988-145-2 Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  G40 “Sagittarii” G40 Sagittarii Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
35 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Balfour Falconer 250mm Balfour Falconer 250mm Vehicle Icon.png 35 Hammer hits
30 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  BMS - Packmule Flatbed FlatbedTruckVehicleIcon.png 30 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Dunne Fuelrunner 2d Dunne Fuelrunner 2d Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  RR-3 “Stolon” Tanker RR-3 Stolon Tanker Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
60 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Niska Mk. I Gun Motor Carriage Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage Vehicle Icon.png 60 Hammer hits
55 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  HH-a “Javelin” HH-a Javelin Vehicle Icon.png 55 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Mulloy LPC Mulloy LPC Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
20 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  AB-8 “Acheron” AB-8 Acheron Vehicle Icon.png 20 Hammer hits
120 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Devitt Mk. III Devitt Mark III Vehicle Icon.png 120 Hammer hits
115 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  H-5 “Hatchet” H5 Hatchet Vehicle Icon.png 115 Hammer hits
10 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Drummond 100a Drummond 100a Vehicle Icon.png 10 Hammer hits
10 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  UV-05a “Argonaut” UV-05a Argonaut Vehicle Icon.png 10 Hammer hits
85 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Kivela Power Wheel 80-1 Kivela Power Wheel 80-1 Vehicle Icon.png 85 Hammer hits
85 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  03MM “Caster” 03MM Caster Vehicle Icon.png 85 Hammer hits
70 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  King Spire Mk. I King Spire MK-I Icon.png 70 Hammer hits
155 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  HC-7 “Ballista” HC-7 Ballista Vehicle Icon.png 155 Hammer hits
35 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  T12 “Actaeon” Tankette T12 Actaeon Tankette Vehicle Icon.png 35 Hammer hits
10 x  Refined Materials Refined Materials.png  Rooster - Junkwagon ResourceTrailerIcon.png 10 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Dunne Caravaner 2f Dunne Caravaner 2f Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  R-15 - “Chariot” R-15 - Chariot Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Dunne Transport Dunne Transport Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
100 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  R-1 Hauler R-1 Hauler Vehicle Icon.png 100 Hammer hits
120 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  Dunne Loadlugger 3c Dunne Loadlugger 3c Vehicle Icon.png 120 Hammer hits
120 x  Basic Materials Basic Materials.png  R-5 “Atlas” Hauler R-5 Atlas Hauler Vehicle Icon.png 120 Hammer hits

All vehicles that are buildable in a Garage can also be mass produced at a Mass Production Factory.


  • Prior to Update 1.50 ('Inferno'), the Garage and the MPF were able to build all land vehicles. This was changed so that you needed to use Facilities (more specifically, the Small Assembly Station) in order to produce the other vehicles, which was done by modifying an existing one.
    • This was a large step in differentiating the term 'Base Vehicles' and 'Variants', which were terms used to describe vehicles that use the same chassis, but had minor changes to them, or had specialized roles. As such, 'Base Vehicles' referred to ones that could be built in a Garage, while 'Variants' could only be created by modifying that 'Base Vehicle'.
    • Despite the terms 'Base Vehicles' and 'Variants', some land vehicles are considered 'Base Vehicles' but are not able to be built in the Garage.