Salvage Mine

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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

An old mine that automatically gathers Salvage using Fuel.
In-game description

The Salvage Mine is a world structure that automatically produces Salvage by consuming either Diesel or Petrol as fuel.


It cannot be built, it is found in the world. Its location is indicated by an icon MapIconScrapMine.png on the map.


A destroyed Salvage Mine can be rebuilt with with a Construction Vehicle and 200 Basic Materials.

At the beginning of a new war, all Salvage Mine start destroyed, like every other World Resource Mines.


Its interface can be accessed on foot or from the driver seat of a logistics vehicle by pressing E.

Salvage Production

Input(s) Output(s) Time
1L x Diesel ResourceFuelIcon.png 9 x  Salvage SalvageIcon.png 00:00:08
1L x Petrol RefinedFuelIcon.png 27-34 x  Salvage SalvageIcon.png 00:00:08

The mine automatically start producing when there's Diesel ("Low Efficiency") or Petrol ("High Efficiency") in its internal tanks. If it has both it will produce using all the Petrol first.


Its internal Petrol and Diesel tank can each hold 1000L (10 cans of Diesel and 20 cans of Petrol). It can be refuelled, either by hand with a fuel can or with the "Refuel" button BtAddDiesel.png next to each fuel gauge in the interface if a fuel source is nearby.

A full tank will run the mine for 8 hours and 20 minutes.


Its stockpile can hold up to 5000 Salvage. The production automatically halts when it is full. With Diesel, the production fills the stockpile in 1h14m and consume 556L. With Petrol, it takes about 22m and consume about 164L.

You can remotely view the amount in its stockpile by putting your cursor on its icon MapIconScrapMine.png on the map. This is only available if your faction controls the Region Zone the mine is on.

Loading Area

You can place a Resource Container in front of the mine, on an invisible loading area, with a crane to directly transfer items in or out. In order to use it, aim the crane's arm holding the container towards the front of the Mine until the icon under the Container has a gear symbol.

NOTE: If you exit out of the structure's menu, especially if the crane used to placed the Resource Container is outside of the Resource Mine's interaction area, you are unable to re-enter the menu. This requires the player to get out of the Crane, and manually repackage the Container. Be mindful of this so that you do not inconvenience yourself.


It is immune to small arms, fragmentation grenades, and 12.7mm machine gun fire, but not to heavier explosives.


  • Every time you collect resources from the Resource Mine, you should refuel it in order to get the most resources out of it
  • While Salvage is pretty abundant compared to other resources, if there is a steady source of Petrol nearby (i.e. an Oil Field producing Public Petrol in the region), it is worth using that to fuel it


  • All World Resource Mines used to produce much faster prior to Update 1.50 (officially known as 'Inferno'), with the Salvage Mine used to having its tick speed being every second
    • they now produce resources at a slower rate, but this was compensated with Facilities being introduced, which made Petrol much easier to obtain