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Disambig.png This article is about the original Rocket Launch Site, which is now deprecated. For The reworked Rocket Platform, see A0E-9 Rocket Platform.

The Rocket Launch Site is a single-use world structure that allows a group of players to launch a Rocket that will permanently destroy any world structure within its impact radius. The structure is immune to friendly fire. The site can be destroyed to prevent further use, but can be rebuilt with Basic Materials.


There are eight (8) permanent Rocket Launch Sites placed around the map. These do not change depending on the World Conquest orientation, similar to other permanent world structures like Town Bases and Relic Bases.

List of Rocket Launch Site Locations:

  • Endless Shore - West of The Evil Eye Relic Base
  • Farranac Coast - South-Southeast of the Scarp of Ambrose Relic Base
  • Great March - In The Black Wing, South of the Sitaria Town Base
  • Morgen's Crossing - In Rising Calm, Northwest of Lividus Town Base
  • Nevish Line - In Plumage, South-Southwest of the Grief Mother Relic Base
  • Origin - In Temple Field, Northwest of the Dormio Relic Base
  • Reaching Trail - In Humidus, West-Northwest of the Nightchurch Town Base
  • The Fingers - Southeast of the Fort Barley Relic Base


In order to use it, the launch site must be built with a Construction Vehicle using 200 Refined Materials. Next, 10 players in the same squad must be in the same region as the launch site and select the Build Rocket BuildRocket.png option in the site's menu. Any Rocket built by a squad can only be accessed by that squad or by members of the enemy faction. Due to the destructive nature of the Rocket, it must be protected from the enemy faction or you risk having it hijacked and shot into your own frontlines.

Building the Rocket BuildRocket.png

In order to construct a Rocket, it requires a Rocket Booster and a Warhead in your inventory. The Rocket can be fully constructed using 200 Basic Materials.


After the Rocket is launched from the Rocket Launch Site, the site permanently destroyed, meaning it cannot be used again. This permanent destruction means each faction has a limited number of Rockets they can launch at the enemy, which can vary depending on how much ground each faction has at that moment.


You can access the Launch Site next to the fuel tank.

Once the Rocket is built, it will automatically start fueling, consuming 1 liter of Petrol from the Rocket Site's inventory every minute until it is fully fueled.

Depending on the location of the target, a single Rocket requires:

  • 720 liters (14.4 cans) of Petrol in order to launch in the same region as the Rocket Launch Site
    • Takes 12 hours to fully fuel
  • 1440 liters (28.8 cans) of Petrol to launch in any region
    • Takes 24 hours to fully fuel

Decay and Rebuilding

Once the rocket has been constructed, it will take 72 hours before it will decay, this includes the time for fueling which means for a max-range launch you will have 48hrs to use it before it decays.

Once the rocket has decayed, it takes 200 Basic Materials in order to rebuild it, with the previously used Rocket Booster and Warhead are retained and can be used to complete the rebuild; it will however need to be refueled.


Any player can spot for a nuke regardless of whether or not they are a member of a squad who built a rocket. This is accomplished through use of a Radio Backpack by crouching and holding the Transmitting Launch Codes key J. The position of the cursor at the time transmission of the launch codes begins determines the spot at which the rocket will land. It is recommended to use Binoculars to increase the distance from which you can spot, however this distance is limited to 100m from the player. Since the blast radius of the rocket is 80m, the effective maximum distance from which you can hit a target is 180m. The targeted position must be on land.

Launch codes can only be transmitted while standing on solid ground. Launch codes cannot be transmitted while in a vehicle, inside a house, standing on rocks, standing in water, or standing in the back of an APC or similar vehicle. They also cannot be transmitted if there are obstacles above you or a vehicle within 10m. Additionally, there must be an enemy structure within 80m of the position of your cursor (the blast radius of the rocket) for the codes to appear. Once the codes appear, you will not be able to perform any action other than canceling the launch by pressing Transmitting Launch Codes key J once more. Since you will not be able to defend yourself, it's recommended to wear a Scout Uniform and to hide in a bush to evade enemy intelligence structures and search parties respectively. A gas mask and a large number of gas mask filters will also be useful as enemies have been known to utilize gas grenades to hunt down spotters.

The spotter will not be able to see how much time is left in the countdown.


In order to launch, 10 players from the squad who built the rocket must first be in the same region as the launch site. Next, launch codes need to be entered by 3 players from either the squad that built it or the enemy faction in order to begin the launch sequence. This will commence a 15 minute countdown and result in a game-wide message will be broadcast to each team. The friendly team will be notified of the exact region, grid square, and keypad of the spotter. The enemy team will be notified of the region and grid square of the position that the rocket is targeting. A siren alarm will play for anyone near a world base in the targeted area to audibly alert all nearby players that a spotter is nearby and a nuke is incoming.

This message will usually result in a massive manhunt for the spotter depending on the importance of the target. Since the maximum distance between the spotter and the position the rocket is targeting can only be 100m, the spotter will always be located in the grid square the rocket is targeting or an adjacent one. This is not a particularly large area to hide in and as such it is recommended to have additional players protecting the helpless spotter.

The siren stops if the spotter stops spotting or is killed, or if the world base that's sounding the alarm is destroyed through other means. If the latter, beware that this does not mean that the spotter is dead or that the nuke has been canceled.

Once the launch codes have been entered, the launch can only be aborted by the spotter canceling his transmission or dying. The only way to abort from the Launch Site is to destroy the rocket itself before it can launch. This is especially problematic if the enemy team is able to launch a friendly rocket. For the same reason, caution must be used with codes from an untrusted source and it is recommended to take additional steps to verify what exactly is being targeted.

SubmitCode.png Enter Launch Code

Allows you to enter a 4 digit launch code, obtained via a Radio Backpack, to initiate the Rocket's launch sequence. This must be done by three soldiers at the launching site. Upon filling in all three codes, the Rocket will launch.


interface of the Rocket Launch Site console; notice how all is greyed out because the process is not yet initiated.
The process has started. It shows data concerning the refuelling process. The middle bar is the level for a same region launch


The blast will destroy players, vehicles, and structures within the an 80m radius, and will 'scorch' buildings such as Town Halls/Relics, Seaports/Factories, etc; which then cannot be rebuilt by either Faction, and turn 'red' on the Map. If a Town Hall is destroyed then it will be impossible to unlock Industry which will prevent logistics structures from being rebuilt in that area.

Scorching a VP, will reduce the number required for a Faction to win, e.g. if a Faction has 31/32 and then destroys an Enemy/Neutral VP, they will win the War (given upgrade/etc criteria is met).

Only one rocket can be launched from a site per war as the act of launching will permanently destroy (turn red) the launch site.

A visual effect will appear when standing in a location that has been nuked. However, the launch of a rocket, contrary to its nickname of Nuke, does not cause an after-effect that requires a Gas Mask and filter, the area is as safe as before.

Despite the rumors, the Great Warden Dam itself cannot be destroyed by a rocket and will not result in a flood. [1]

It is possible to destroy another launch site using a nuke rendering it unable to be rebuilt just like any other building or structure. [2]

There is no friendly fire penalty for either the spotter or the 3 players who enter the codes.


  • In Update 1.52, Rocket Launch Sites were disabled for multiple reasons, including too many bugs that would glitch the launching sequence
    • As such, they cannot be rebuilt or their respective parts be produced
    • The icons on the map indicating their location do not appear
    • Despite being disabled, the destroyed Rocket Launch Sites are still on the map, and technology to unlock them are still on the tech tree
  • It was replaced with the A0E-9 Rocket Platform in Update 1.54 ('Naval Warfare')



  1. Tested at the end of War 87 by the SPUDs
  2. The Endless Shore launch site was destroyed by a Colonial rocket fired from Origin in War 90.