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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 1.50.

The Old Captain was founded by a deserting Picarian reaver called Ur Deadtooth. The little seaside village quickly blossomed into a den of filth and piracy while all around them, the flames of the Great Wars raged on. Accosted from all sides, with dwindling supplies (despite meagre efforts to farm the peninsulas), it became clear to Deadtooth that his little haven would soon crumble under its own ambition. To protect himself, he cut a deal with an eager Colonial Legatus who wanted access to Deadtooth's port in exchange for command of a battleship and its crew. Deadtooth abandoned his people for slaughter or conscription. He wouldn't learn of their fate, as once he shook hands with the Legatus, the bastard never looked back.
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The Fingers is a map hex located in the southeast of the world map, and is a set of long peninsulas connected by bridges. It provides a land connection from Allod's Bight and Terminus to Tempest Island. It is named "The Fingers" because the landmasses looks like fingers. The hex map was introduced in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched').

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is The Old Captain.

Update History

  • The Fingers was one of the new regions added in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched'), which added 14 additional hexagon regions into the game
  • In Update 1.50 (officially known as 'Inferno'), permanent Railway Tracks and Railway Bridges were added


Admissions Letter

Admissions Letter
There’s an envelope marked “The Summit Institute of Mastery and Magisters”
You flick it open and unfold the paper. It looks to be a letter of admission.

Alexander Leventis,

It is our esteemed pleasure to grant you admittance to the Summit Institute of Mastery and Magisters. We are excited to welcome you to our novitiate campus in the heart of Mesea.

You are to arrive in the city in a month’s time, and must arrange for all your fees to be paid upon arrival. Once situated, you will be escorted to your chambers. These are exciting times, but understand that acceptance into such an esteemed institution is not only an honour, but a duty of the highest order.

Taking on the role of magister comes with an immense amount of responsibility. Respect and honour those who came before you, and you will, in turn, earn their respect.

Good luck and may glory find you.

Location of Admissions Letter
The Fingers - J3k2



Admissions Letter

Hollow Book

Hollow Book
At first glance, it appears to be a simple book. As you shift it between your hands, you feel something clanking around inside.
You tap the cover;It’s hollow.

Inside you find a hole carved out between the pages, revealing a generous amount of dried jerky bound with cedar twine. It smells delicious, but you know it’s worth too much to consume. Though your hunger might betray you.

It’s been ages since you’ve smelled decent meat.

Location of Hollow Book
The Fingers - L9k7



Hollow Book

Unmarked Letter

Unmarked Letter
On a well-worn table, you stumble upon an unmarked letter.
After shuffling through the lot, one letter stands out to you. It’s unmarked, typed, and stapled to a collection of notes lined with dates and corresponding group numbers.

Dudley Balderstone… the legendary Sea Dragon hisself.

Ne’er in my years would I fathom such a man would seek the council of an old bilge rat such as I. Let’s discuss the details over this bottle of brandy you were so generous to gift.

Concerns of my Reavers harbouring deals with Meseans are unfounded;none of my men have the sacks to turn their coats. Protection or no, like yourself, I have eyes and ears in every cabin and every hall across the continent. No, Sir, ‘twas I who dealt with the wine drinkers, and only a matter of silver and garlands at that, no more. Let’s leave this palaver to honourable men, and what say you and I chat like villains?

We have quite the opportunity for a profitable partnership, you and I. Nay, friends, even. We shouldn’t let foul politics set us off course. Such is my sincerity that I write this letter prior to our sit down.

Here’s to popping the cork.

Location of Unmarked Letter
The Fingers - L9k7



Unmarked Letter



Map Locations

  • Captain's Dread
  • Cavitatis
  • Cementum
  • Fort Barley
  • Headman's Villa
  • Mount Talio
  • The Old Captain
  • Plankhouse
  • The Routed
  • Second Man
  • Tears of Tethys
  • Titancall
  • The Tusk
  • The Wary Nymphae

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