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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.54) of the game.

Stema Landing is an island map located in the Southwest. Unlike most of the other maps, it is not connected to other maps via land connections (landmasses or bridges), and must be traveled to via ships. The hex map was introduced in Update 1.54 ('Naval Warfare').

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Water Wells

Railway Lines & Railway Bridges

Industry & Storage

Update History


Named Locations in Stema Landing


  • Stema Landing, along with other maps introduced in Update 1.54 ('Naval Warfare'), marks the return to isolated island maps in Foxhole
    • Unlike previous iterations, where some maps were made up of landmasses and connected by Bridges, these are actual islands where traversal between landmasses relies entirely on Naval Vehicles
    • Disconnected island maps were featured in earlier versions of World Conquest, but the regions were attached to the mainland in Update 0.26. In Update 0.37, all of the remaining isolated World Bases were moved or removed.

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