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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

There’s something to be said for the birthplace of a titan. Millions of years ago, the gods came crashing down, sundering the rock and crust, splitting the land in two. These are but old tales told to young children. Perhaps legends have been born on Origin’s rocky shores, but only the kind made of flesh and blood and glory. Ambrose Leon, known to his peers as the Lionheart, was one such titan. An incomparable leader with an unbridled iron will, Ambrose was a singular tactician and ship captain, without whom the Legion may never have been able to cinch a stranglehold on the western Caoivish coast.
Foxhole Devblog 87 - The World of Foxhole: Part I

Origin is a map hex located in the bottom left of the world map, bordering Westgate, Sableport, and Ash Fields. It has a large coast, with a strait connected The Aging Ocean to the small sea it shares with Sableport. The hex map was introduced in Update 0.46 'Entrenched'.

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Teichotima.

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Water Wells

Origin's main waterway is the sea (known as The Aging Ocean) that provides water access to Fisherman's Row, Westgate, and Ash Fields' primary river (The Red River). As such, there is a Seaport located in Initium that can be accessed by water logi vehicles, such as Barges and Freighters.

There are two Water Wells located within the region:

  • Finis - West of the Town Base
  • Initium - North of the Town Base

Railway Lines & Railway Bridges

There are multiple permanent Railway Lines placed around the region:

  • A permanent Rail line that runs through Initium towards the coast
    • Allows railway access to the Seaport
  • A permanent Rail line that runs through Teichotima
    • Allows railway access to the Storage Depot

Industry & Storage

In certain war configurations, Origin is home to a Logistics Town (commonly known as a Logi Hub). Logi Hubs are towns in the backlines that contain various logi buildings in close proximity, allowing ease of production. These towns are the only places where the tech tree can be progressed, and new equipment/vehicles are unlocked.

When Teichotima is considered a Logi Hub, it will contain:

Initium will always contain a Seaport, and Finis and Teichotima will always contain a Storage Depot

Update History

  • 0.46 Entrenched - The map, Origin, was added into the game.
    • It was added along with 13 other maps, which were placed on the top and bottom of the old world map.
  • 1.50 Inferno - Preplaced Railway Tracks and Train Bridges were introduced to the game, with multiple permanent Railway Tracks placed on the map.
  • 1.52 - Rocket Launch Sites were disabled. Their map icon will not appear, nor can they be rebuilt.
  • 1.53 - introduced major terrain changes to the map.
    • The northern part of the map was altered to have a waterway run through it (creating a peninsula), and the northwestern part of the map was changed to include a coastline.
    • A new Relic Base, The Steel Road, was added to the north side of the new bridges. A Train Bridge was also added.
  • 1.54 Naval Warfare - Rocket Launch Sites have been removed from the map.
  • 1.55 - Introduced a couple of changes.
    • The western coastline was reworked by reducing the landmass, which allowed more ship movement.
    • Adjusted Initium Pre-Placed Tracks to allow easier access.


Origin -w Icons & Locations.png

Map Locations

  • Arise
  • Ash Step
  • Cado
  • Cinder Road
  • Dormio
  • The Dreamer's Road
  • The Echo
  • Ember Hills
  • Exorior
  • Finis
  • Initium
  • Noventus Passage
  • Obsidio Island
  • The Steel Road
  • The Sundering
  • Teichotima
  • Temple Field
  • World Star

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