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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

This rocky region is home to the westernmost keep along the steadfast Bulwark, a continental wall built to draw a southern border. South of the wall, the Ceo Highlands surround several villages which were once abandoned during the construction of the wall. The Bulwark has stood for hundreds of years in this contested region, and continues to stand the test of time.
Old In-game description

Westgate is a World Conquest region located in the southwestern part of the map. It is a relatively flat map with some hills and rock formations. This region features a large vertical coast, a small island to the west and a massive wall (named the Bulwark) that runs east to west in the middle of the map.

Logistical Locations

Railway Lines & Railway Bridges

Industry & Storage

Update History

  • 0.6 - Westgate was added into the game.
  • 0.12 - Several world structures were removed from the map.
    • The Static Base in Handsome Hideaway was removed.
    • All Production Structures located there, except for the Medical Lab, were removed.
  • 0.20 Foundation of War - Safehouses were introduced to the game and placed on the map. Observation Towers were also placed on the map.
  • 0.29 - Border Forts were removed from the game and were repurposed as Zone Bases.
  • 1.50 Inferno - Preplaced Railway Tracks and Train Bridges were introduced to the game, with multiple permanent Railway Tracks placed on the map.
  • 1.52 - The Preplaced Railway Track in The Gallows was extended.
  • 1.53 - introduced a major terrain change to the map and moved its location on the map.
    • Sanctuary, the area southwest of The Gallows, was removed, and minor coastal changes near The Gallows was made to accommodate this.
    • Westgate was moved to the western edge of the map, where Fisherman's Row used to be.
  • 1.54 Naval Warfare - Observation Towers in the region were either relocated, or removed.


Ava Gibbs Retort

Ava Gibbs Retort
A letter marked 'Return to Sender'lies on the ground.

You can tell it's in bad shape, and dare not touch it lest it tear and crumble.

To the venerable Alderman Higgins.

While I understand the construction of your silly wall has caused some amount of stress among the populace. This is of no concern to me. However, I’d implore you to stop sending Warden thugs to my doorstep—they scare my children.

Whatever your position, don’t presume to intimidate us, the southerners have promised protection, and have thus proven reliable. We will not be moved from our land. We will not be bargained with.

Make no mistake, it is ours. My family has owned this land for generations, you have no claim to it.

On this matter, I shall not be swayed.


Ava Gibbs.

Location of Ava Gibbs Retort
Westgate - J14k9



Ava Gibbs Retort

Inner Dialogue

Inner Dialogue
You give yourself a moment to get lost in the hypnotic waves of the Aging Ocean.
You reflect on the events that lead to this very dock, here on the outskirts of Wyattwick, taking the time to breathe carefully.

The salty ocean breeze refreshes your senses and allows your mind to drift. For the first time in months, you let your hand drop from the pistol on your belt, the one that’s been by your side since you were strong enough to lift it.

Faces of onetime comrades blur and twist in the dark while the crashing surf struggles to drown out all that screaming in the distance.

The crack of nearby gunfire halts your brief reprieve and a sudden sense of dread washes over you.

Location of Inner Dialogue
Westgate - E13k8



Inner Dialogue

Journal of a Grieving Highlander

Journal of a Grieving Highlander
Inside the cave, you are surprised to find an old journal.
A young highlander spent years searching for the Warden soldiers who slaughtered his family. He details his quest for revenge with alarming clarity. You suspect at some point, he’d drifted into madness. The last entry, in particular, is chilling.

I found them. We found them. Buried them, my love. One by one. They told our little boy to smile before they buried that hatchet into his temple.

I watched. They held my eyes open, made me. Should have killed me. They didn’t.

We made them smile too before we put them in the ground, didn't we? It wouldn’t do for them to go quickly, oh no . . . No. It wou—

The rest devolves into illegible scrawlings.

Location of Journal of a Grieving Highlander
Westgate - M9k8



Journal of a Grieving Highlander

Letter to a Consul

Letter to a Consul
You’ve discovered a forgotten letter. It’s marked by a Mesean seal.
Consul, there is a great opportunity here that shouldn’t be squandered.

The peasants south of the wall are angry and in need of an outlet. We should put rifles in their hands and let them march on their oppressors. Let them sow the seeds of mistrust.

If we establish a holding in the west, imagine what could be accomplished? If my hunch is correct, it would allow us to walk through the gates. The trust of common folk is a powerful tool and they already feel betrayed.

Our enemy has done half the work.

Location of Letter to a Consul
Westgate - K12k3



Letter to a Consul

Note Nailed to a Tree

Note Nailed to a Tree
There is a note nailed to the trunk.
These trees are no longer to be used for the hanging of criminals.

Anyone caught doing so will be executed on the spot.

Location of Note Nailed to a Tree
Westgate - F2k8



Note Nailed to a Tree


Westgate -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Westgate

  • The Aging Ocean
  • Ash Step
  • Candle Hills
  • Cattle March
  • Ceo Highlands
  • Cinder Road
  • Coasthill
  • Coastway
  • Cobber's Lane
  • The Divide
  • Ember Hills
  • Fand's Chain
  • Fields of Badb
  • Flidais' Pasture
  • The Gallows
  • Handsome Hideaway
  • The Hem
  • Hillcrest
  • Holdfast
  • Inkwell Lane
  • Kardia Road
  • Killian Quarter
  • The King's Road
  • Kingstone
  • The Knight's Edge
  • Longstone
  • Lord's Mouth
  • Lost Partition
  • Rancher's Fast
  • Reaver's Cove
  • Sanctified Path
  • Síochána Valley
  • Taswell Point
  • Triton's Curse
  • Warden Walk
  • Western Heartlands
  • Westgate Keep
  • Wire Road
  • Wyattwick
  • Zeus' Demise


  • The map is based off of the Scottish Highlands, Irish rugged coasts, medieval castles from history, and fictional keeps such as "Dragonstone" from Game of Thrones.[1]
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