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This article is considered accurate for the current version (1.56) of the game.

This quaint island lies just off the mainland to the west of Farranac Coast. Fisherman's Row, once home to a culture of proud sailors and fishermen, was taken by the Legion during the Great Wars. The Colonials initially believed they could use the island as an offshore operation to gain intel on Warden territory. Fisherman's Row is a small island region, rich with a seafaring tradition that has been mostly preserved despite being occupied for hundreds of years.
In-game description

Fisherman's Row is an island map in Foxhole. The map consists of one very large main island, and four minor islands to the east. Due to it being an island map, it can only be accessed via naval vehicles.

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Railway Lines

Due to being an Island Region, players are able to travel to the other side of the map by crossing the western border. When doing so, they are able to go to Tempest Island as if it was an adjacent region.

There are no permanent railway structures placed in this region, so player-made tracks are necessary to do train logistics. While Large Train logistics is possible in certain locations on the map, it is not recommended due to its limited range, and inability to link to other regions.

Water Wells


Due to being an Island Region, it's industrial world structures will NOT change with different war configurations. As such, these hexes can have varying levels of logistical sustainability.

This map will always include these logistical structures, which can provide various frontline needs.


There are five Shipyards located in the region:


  • Location(s) that contain a Seaport
    • Eidolo
  • Location(s) that contain a Storage Depot
    • Arcadia
    • Blackwell

Update History

  • 0.0.33 - Fisherman's Row was added into the game as a standalone map.
  • 0.8 - The map was temporarily.
  • 0.10 - The map was reintroduced and became available to play on.
    • Reintroduced as one of several Skirmish maps being incorporated for the One World update.
  • 0.17 Industry of War - introduced a major expansion to the map
    • A larger mainland was added to the west of the original island, connecting the island to the main continent via a bridge
    • Fisherman's Row is now accessible via other regions without the use of a water-based vehicle.
  • 0.20 Foundation of War - Safehouses were introduced to the game and placed on the map.
  • 0.26 War Machine - The shape of the map was transformed into a hexagon and added to the west side of the world map.
    • Parts of the map were modified in order to join some of the islands together with the main landmass and ease border access/travel.
  • 0.29 - Border Forts were removed from the game and repurposed as Zone Bases.
  • 0.32 Trench Warfare - Relic Bases and Hospitals were introduced to the game and placed on the map.
  • 0.41 - Various world structures were moved to different locations.
    • The Factory and Construction Yard in Blackwell were moved to Three Sisters, and a Storage Depot was added to Blackwell.
  • 1.50 Inferno - Preplaced Railway Tracks and Train Bridges were introduced to the game, with a Railway Track and a Train Bridge placed on the map.
  • 1.53 - The map was removed from the game, along with The Oarbreaker Isles.
    • NOTE: Part of a larger overhaul, which will be completed in an upcoming update.
    • The map, Westgate, was moved to its place on the world map.
  • 1.54 Naval Warfare - Introduced major terrain changes to the map.
    • All landmasses except for Fisherman’s Row itself (the main landmass) and The Satyr Stone have been removed (separated with no road connections). Three new islands have been added.
    • A Relic Base has been readded to the south-west of the main landmass.
    • All permanent railway structures were removed.



Church's Grave

Church's Grave
A cairn that marks a grave of sorts.
There’s a scrap metal nameplate fastened to the front with something carved into it.

Here lyes Church.
He wuz a good boy.
An flufy 2.

Location of Church's Grave
Fisherman's Row - K1k5



Church's Grave

Hand Carved Figures

Hand Carved Figures
On the ground you find a Colonial satchel amidst a makeshift shelter.
The surroundings show signs of a minor scuffle. Seems like someone dropped the bag in the altercation; six fine wooden figures spill out across the stone tiles. There’s a swordsman, a horseman, a general, a civilian, a pikeman, and an archer.

You get the impression someone designed them for game of sorts.

Location of Hand Carved Figures
Fisherman's Row - I7k6



Hand Carved Figures

Inner Haven Vol. 1

Inner Haven Vol. 1
Volume 1 of a magazine called “Inner Haven.”
…Legate Silas Maro was the first to walk the smoking remains of the Breach. Following his cowardly assassination at the battle for Sunhaven, it was his descendant Thea Maro who led our Legions into the hostile north.

Groomed from birth, an expert tactician with exceptional natural gifts, Thea exercised swift and decisive leadership. It was her will that brought us to the heart of Caoiva.

Maro offered the northerners peace, on the condition of joining our great republic. Such a distinction would have been an honour, yet they spit in our faces and call us dogs. If only they'd laid down their arms, we may have avoided generations of bloodshed.

For The End, Is Our Glory.

Location of Inner Haven Vol. 1
Fisherman's Row - G9k6



Inner Haven Vol. 1

Mouldy Letter

Mouldy Letter
Excerpt from a mouldy letter.
...they fled through an old mine.

Nothing in there but iron. Though, I heard some of the boys mention gold below sea level. Suppose you'd want to be informed if we’d found anything valuable.

The island fell quickly, for what it’s worth, but this brutish woman managed to escape. She led at least a dozen refugees through far side of the mine. Seems the workers had built a hidden alcove oceanside and loaded up supplies for months.

We're still not sure where they got the boats, however. Perhaps she cut a deal with those petty smugglers, the Hanged Men. Once they'd pushed off, the damned rebels collapsed the mine with explosives. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cut them off. Credit to them, it was a well laid out plan.

We'll send word to our men at the coastline to keep an eye out.

Location of Mouldy Letter
Fisherman's Row - J8k9



Mouldy Letter

Ragged Journal

Ragged Journal
You find a ragged journal opened to the last entry.
Morgan escaped and stowed away on a ship headed for Westgate. She said from there she would steal a truck on her way north through the Heartlands.

On and on she went, talking about getting a ship and backup and saving us — Blah blah. I didn't believe her. In fact, I was sure she'd die on her way out. Boyo I was wrong.

She pulled a knife from this dumb Collie's belt, slit his throat and gutted the wanker next to him. It was like watching a bloody dance. After they fell, she scooped up a rifle and hid in the back of a truck. The numpty waved at me from behind a few crates. After all that nonsense, I'm not so sure she is a liar, after all.

Maybe I stand a chance to get off this wretched island before I croak.

Location of Ragged Journal
Fisherman's Row - I6k7



Ragged Journal


Fisherman's Row -w Icons & Locations.png

Named Locations in Fisherman's Row

  • Arcadia
  • Bident Crossroads
  • Black Well
  • Dankana Post
  • Eidolo
  • Fort Ember
  • Hangman's Court
  • Heart of Rites
  • House Roloi
  • Lake Nerites
  • Liberty Hill
  • Oceanwatch
  • Peripti Landing
  • Progonos Watch
  • The Rite Road
  • The Satyr Stones
  • Torch of Demeter


  • Prior to its inclusion into World Conquest, Fisherman's Row was a separate map used for multiple early game modes.
    • Eventually, these were phased out over the course of the game's development, with World Conquest becoming the main game mode.

Foxhole Competitive League

It's main island is under veteran players known for the stage of the Foxhole Competitive League, which has often returned to the island over the seasons. The capitol of the region, Eidolo, is the target to hold during the matches. Seasons 1, 2 (partly), 4 and 5 were held on (variants of) Fisherman's Row.

There was a special adapted version of the map in use. In it, the island was cut off from the mainland. Some other changes included:

  • removal of the bridge in the west part of the island, and the porting area east of Eidolo.
  • remapping of roads to keep travel distances between the sides equal, removal of relic bases, addition of all production facilities for both factions and removal of all Shipyards.
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