The Oarbreaker Isles

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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.54) of the game. It was last updated for 1.53.

The Oarbreaker Isles is an island map consisting of an archipelago of islands and peninsulas. In addition to land warfare, players are also expected to heavily rely on naval combat and amphibious landings in order to dominate the map.


Oarbreaker is located on the west side of the world map. It forms a counter part to Tempest Island with concentrated industry on the main island and the neighbouring peninsula. The placements of the islands creates chokepoints in the water for the small internal sea in Stonecradle as well as access from the North to the large sea between the isles and mainland.

The largest island in the archipelago is home to the region's victory point, Skelter Course.

Curiously, the small town of The Ides on the north-eastern border of the map is the only town in the game missing a Safehouse and Emplacement House.

Logistical Locations

Waterways & Water Wells

Railway Lines & Railway Bridges

Industry & Storage

Update History

  • Update 0.14 - the map, The Oarbreaker Isles, was added into the game
  • Update 0.26 - the shape of the map was transformed into a hexagon and added to the world map
    • It was modified in order to join parts of the islands to the main landmass and ease border access and travel
  • Update 0.37 - the map was rearranged in order to allow land access to all major locations on the map
  • Update 1.50 - Railway Tracks and Train Bridges were introduced to the game, with a permanent Railway Track placed on the map
  • Update 1.53 - the map was removed from the World Conquest map, along with Fisherman's Row
    • This was part of a larger move to update the map, which will be completed alongside its return in Update 54.
    • The map, Farranac Coast, was moved to its place on the world map



Hollow Book

Hollow Book
At first glance, it appears to be a simple book. As you shift it between your hands, you feel something clanking around inside.
You tap the cover;It’s hollow.

Inside you find a hole carved out between the pages, revealing a generous amount of dried jerky bound with cedar twine. It smells delicious, but you know it’s worth too much to consume. Though your hunger might betray you.

It’s been ages since you’ve smelled decent meat.

Location of Hollow Book
The Oarbreaker Isles - H12k3



Hollow Book

Letter About the Lighthouse

Letter About the Lighthouse
A letter between Colonial remote operations leaders.
There’s this crusty old captain in the lighthouse, anytime we get near he lets loose with a shotgun. I’ve lost three men, but honestly, he’s got it held pretty well. The lads are building a pyre. We’re going to try smoking him out.

We need that lighthouse for our ships coming to port from Katoma, they don’t call these islands the Oar Breakers for nothing. If you could send a couple more hands our way, I’d appreciate it.

Location of Letter About the Lighthouse
The Oarbreaker Isles - G14k8



Letter About the Lighthouse

Mouldy Old Journal

Mouldy Old Journal
You find part of a very old, mouldy journal. You casually flip through and stop on a random page.
The locals have told me a tall tale of a man they will only refer to as the ‘Dullahan.’ They say he’s some spirit or other who wanders the sea with flames where his head should be, beaming like a lantern.

Some say he rides on horseback, a blood red mare with its head flayed, exposing polished bone. Apparently, his ship, The Burgundi, was stranded in the north filled with cavalrymen and a cargo hold filled with horses and other livestock...

Location of Mouldy Old Journal
The Oarbreaker Isles - P7k7



Mouldy Old Journal


Oarbreaker Isles -w Icons & Locations.png.png

Named Locations in The Oarbreaker Isles

  • Barrenson
  • Bronze
  • Castor
  • Cat Step
  • The Conclave
  • The Dirk
  • Fort Fogwood
  • Gold
  • Grisly Refuge
  • Integrum
  • Kofteri Channel
  • Lion's Head Pass
  • Obitum
  • Partisan Island
  • Pollux
  • Posterus
  • Reliqua Lagoon
  • Sandalwood Beach
  • Silver
  • Skull Beach


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