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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 1.50.

A long time ago, nestled between two great mountains lay a bountiful and idyllic valley. During the civil war, Republican Colonials established several outposts along the northernmost stretch of the Red River. Centuries later, long after the Breaching and the embers of the Boreal Wars had cooled, the Warden army took up arms and advanced south, meeting little resistance until they reached the valley. Those soldiers never left the valley. No one knows the truth of what happened in the Ash Fields. The Scribes had long been dissolved by then, and it's doubtful any would have survived had they been on the field. However, it's said that the clash was so catastrophic, both bordering mountains spewed flames of rage into the valley, forever scarring its once-verdant fields.
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Ash Fields is a map hex located in the southwest of the world map with a large river running through the middle of it. It provides a land connection to Origin. The hex map was introduced in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched').

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Ashtown.

Update History


Phantoms in the Fields

Phantoms in the Fields
There’s an old, abandoned patrol camp.
Several small camps such as this are scattered around the Ash Fields. You suspect they’re used and maintained by various patrols in the area. It seems they use them for both rest stops and location markers. Visibility at night can be low in these burnt out fields.

Various personal knickknacks are left behind. It almost seems intentional, as if those posted here have made a ritual of it. Curious, you flip through a journal someone left behind.

They’re out there. I spoke to Chiro about it in the morning, and he swore on his life it happened. Alexopoulos doesn’t believe us, but he wasn’t out there at the time. But we saw them.

At first we took them for Warden scouts or a recon unit. I nearly called it in, but we watched them for a while, and they seemed to… float. I’m not sure how, but they appeared to slide forward, came right towards us. We raised our firearms, ordered them to halt, but got no reaction. They just floated right through us.

I’d love to chalk it up to exhaustion, which wouldn’t be a fib, but that doesn’t explain these… phantoms that we both experienced.

Location of Phantoms in the Fields
Ash Fields - H11k6



Phantoms in the Fields


Wasteful Calm

Ash Fields features much wasteland forests. The two sections, split by the Tar Creek, are called The Stillness and Wasteful Calm.

Central in the map is Ashtown, an industrial settlement. The architecture is of southern design. In the south of Ashtown, there is a long line of windmills along the road.

At the other side of the meandering Red River, you can find Ash Fort, a Relic Base. It offers a lot of large bushes in the surrounding area, ideal for ambushes by both attackers and defenders.

Map Locations

  • Ash Step
  • The Ashfort
  • Ashtown
  • The Calamity
  • Camp Omega
  • Cinder Road
  • Cometa
  • Electi
  • Ember Hills
  • Gunslinger's Pass
  • Mount Blackmoth
  • Mount Brimstone
  • Omega Valley
  • The Red River
  • Sootflow
  • The Stillness
  • Tar Creek
  • Twin Flames
  • Wasteful Calm

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