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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (1.52) of the game. It was last updated for 1.50.

Once the site of a historic battle, the Red River is arguably the most important landmark in all of Veli.
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Red River is a map in the south of the world with a long winding river running through it. The hex map was introduced in Update 0.46 (officially known as 'Entrenched').

The map's Town Base that contributes to the World Conquest's "Victory Condition" is Cannonsmoke.

Update History


Remnants of War

Remnants of War
Rows of mossy dragon’s teeth stretch out ahead.
These concrete blocks are remnants of an old battle at the height of the Great Wars. They were employed to impede mechanized armour from advancing in this field.

Your chest flushes with heat as you consider the remnants of a war that has scarred the verdant fields of the Red River and beyond.

A daydream overtakes you, filled with visions of what might have become of these lands should war not have overtaken them. The villages and denizens who might inhabit them. The peace that is always promised. You lament the idea that this future might never arrive for you, but grit your teeth in determination that it will not be a dream for your descendants.

But grit only takes one so far, and your jaw falls slack. A sudden weight overtakes you as you feel compelled to peel some of the moss away from the concrete slab.

You pocket it, feeling daft doing so.

You’re unsure why, but this small token provides you with a sort of resolve, so you keep marching.

Location of Remnants of War
Red River - F12k4



Remnants of War

The Battle of Red River

The Battle of Red River
The remains of an ancient cannon poke out of the surrounding foliage.
What knowledge you have of history informs you that this cannon is truly a relic of the past;one of the deadliest weapons wielded by your forebears. The black powder still stains the iron muzzle, though rust has taken much of its structure.

You consider the journey this weapon has been through, the battles, the wars. You have heard whispers of the famed Battle of Red River, and the thousands that marched over the very ground you now walk, the boots that trampled the grass and flowers, the blood that provided them nourishment in the aftermath.

They stood in lines with their primitive weaponry, praying to gods who would not answer. You take a moment to give them thanks, for you would not be here today without their sacrifice.

And yet…

The war machine churns ever still. More sacrifices must be made.

Location of The Battle of Red River
Red River - J12k9



The Battle of Red River



The map features a heavily meandering river called Red River, after which the map is named. It features 4 settlements: Penance in the northern peninsula; Minos lays centrally; Cannonsmoke is an industrial city featuring the region's Seaport; and Judicum in the east of the map.

Penance is a small town with only one road access from the rest of the map. The peninsula features a short rocky cliff for most of its coast; suitable for infantry to jump off an APC or Barge, but impossible to land vehicles.

Map Locations

  • Camp Upsilon
  • Cannonsmoke
  • Climb
  • Fort Matchwood
  • Fragment Knolls
  • Gunpowder Lane
  • Judicium
  • Minos
  • Penance
  • Perish
  • Red Crossing
  • The Red River
  • Twelve Drops
  • Victoria Hill

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