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It's a technology demo and special event that puts up to 1000 players on a densely packed battlefield. Set in the Foxhole universe, the Red River Demo will let you play in a unique part of the world's history that's never been previously explored. This demo is a proof of concept for new technology that about 10% of our team has been working on for over a year now.
Nooba, via the Red River Demo Discord

The Battle of Red River was a demo event of the developers to test their new engine TP2 (Technology Platform 2). It functioned as a stand alone game download. The games took approximately 15 minutes each, and were run for a total 3 times on the 30th of November 2019. It featured unique character designs, weapon models, as well as cannons for each faction.


Red River Demo Text
Two hundred years before the onset of the Great Wars, a civil war sundered the country of Veli. Caught between the Meseans of the south and the northern Caoivish, an ideological rift threatened the fabric of unity.

As the first stones of the Bulwark - a coast-to-coast wall built as a response to ongoing tensions with the south - were set, many Velians feared what it might mean to be cut off from northern aid. Other were dismayed by the prospect of increasing Mesean occupation.

Now, after fifteen years of bloody conflict, the hands of Veli make on final stand at the apex of the Red River against encroaching Republican Colonial Forces. The Battle of Red River would have a monumental impact on the centuries to follow.

Will there be a glimmer of peace or generations of violence?
Red River Demo text


The battle consisted of two factions, the Hands of Veli, the Warden analogues of the time period, and the Republican Colonials, the Colonial analogues of the time period.

Hands of Veli

Hands of Veli Flag
The hands of Veli are willing to sacrifice everything to stop the spread of the Colonial Plague.

Don't let those southerners take what's yours. Stand vigilant in the face of tyranny and join hands with the Wardens of the North.

Fight for family. Fight for honour. Fight for freedom.
Red River Faction Description

Republican Colonials

Republican Colonials Flag
Greed and vanity. That is all the Caoivish know.

Will you let them starve out the poor? Watch as the helpless die on their doorstep? Rise up for those who can't. Help The Legion drive those traitorous northerners out of our country.

Be the blade and taste victory. For the end, is our glory.
Red River Faction Description


Due to the Battle of Red River being far in the past, the technology level of the weapons is very low compared to the weapons used in mainstream Foxhole. This includes both factions using single-shot muzzle load rifles and cannons in the place of more advanced choices. Each faction had a variant of the cannon, renders of which are shown below.