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Throughout the history of Foxhole, there have been various Game Modes, most of which have been discontinued with the introduction of World Conquest. Current game modes consist of only World Conquest.


During its initial development release, Foxhole had timed testing events, where players could attend in. It was not possible to play the game outside of these events. Later on, general servers became available, with a Weekly War being organized every Saturday. These would usually see a large player base compared to the rest of the week.

Later on, the first version of the Campaign game mode was introduced in Update 0.0.32.

A prototype of World Conquest was introduced in Update 0.9. The Campaign was officially replaced in Update 0.10 by the World Conquest, with the addition of Skirmishes.

Update 0.23 Skirmishes were replaced by the experimental Resistance Phase. It was discontinued in Update 0.29.